Outside the Walls of No. 6

TGIF everyone! ūüôā Today, marks the second to last post of my¬†No. 6¬†series. If this is your first time here you can check out previous posts on No. 6:¬†The City of No. 6,¬†The Homes and Gardens of No. 6, and¬†Architecture of No. 6 : Points of Interest. All of these posts featured the Utopia that … Continue reading Outside the Walls of No. 6

Architecture of No. 6 : Points of Interest

Welcome back to Fantasy Friday! Continuing with the theme of No. 6, I'm featuring some other points of architectural interests from the show. The building's featured this week vary in their function. While a few of them are considered civic public spaces, there are a few more private ones! And if you missed out previous¬†Fantasy … Continue reading Architecture of No. 6 : Points of Interest

[ArchiAnime Anecdotes]: Literal Lego House

Hey hey hey! I'm back with more fun Architectural content! Today's feature is a bit of a fun post! How many of you played with Legos as a kid? Ah the imagination of a kid with legos! Did you ever build a house that you wanted to live in one day?¬†What is this? A center … Continue reading [ArchiAnime Anecdotes]: Literal Lego House

The Homes and Gardens of No. 6

Welcome back to Fantasy Friday! Last time I posted for this series, I featured the City of No. 6 and the project it's seemingly modeled after. I'm still continuing this theme for a couple weeks to catch up with my backlog of posts. This week I'm featuring the homes of Safu and Shion!¬† In the … Continue reading The Homes and Gardens of No. 6

[Archi-Anime Anecdotes]: Anime Architecture Exhibit

Hello fellow anibloggers and friends!¬† I have a special piece of news/anecdote for you this week! Since I decided to do this new segment, I've been diving back into the world of architecture and found this little gem. In August,¬†London's¬†The House of Illustration, launched an exhibit called Anime Architecture, in which art from famous Anime … Continue reading [Archi-Anime Anecdotes]: Anime Architecture Exhibit

The City of No. 6

Welcome back to Fantasy Friday. Where I feature fantastical architecture that's been featured in anime. Maybe you noticed it, maybe you didn't, but I'm always looking at the buildings that character inhabit and the environment they interact with. Last week I looked at the wild colors featured in Nanbaka. I've¬†started taking screenshots of anime's. I … Continue reading The City of No. 6

[Archi-Anime Anecdotes]: Thom Mayne

Thom Mayne, of the firm Morphosis,¬†is one of the Architect's that is a¬†key component¬†in the what Architecture has become in the modern era. He is what we would call a "starchitect", a famous Architect that's recognized outside of the realm of Architecture. Basically on the same level as a Hollywood celebrity. There are very few … Continue reading [Archi-Anime Anecdotes]: Thom Mayne

[Fantasy Friday]: The Revival

Hey guys, it's been a really, really, really¬†long time since I posted for my Fantasy Friday¬†series. To be honest, I put this on hold because I¬†began to¬†feel stressed about this series.¬†I know that sounds silly, but hear me out! I had started off really strong I know; but then I started¬†getting too¬†caught up in my¬†architectural … Continue reading [Fantasy Friday]: The Revival

[Archi-Anime Anecdotes]: Blurring the Boundary

Hello! So this is a bit of a new section on the blog. I originally wanted it to be part of my¬†Take Two!¬†posts, but I felt like¬†they would¬†get lost in the sea of anime. This segment is similar to¬†Take Two!¬†the difference is the content. I'll be showing articles on art, architecture and design. I figure … Continue reading [Archi-Anime Anecdotes]: Blurring the Boundary