[ArchiAnime Anecdotes:] Dreamlike Gardens

I’m back with a non-anime related post! Shocking I know, Zel isn’t fangirling about a Bishie or a sport anime for that matter! BUT, let’s be real, I can fangirl just about anything I have an interest in. I had saved this draft a long time ago in an attempt to schedule a month’s worth … Continue reading [ArchiAnime Anecdotes:] Dreamlike Gardens

Architecture of No. 6 : Points of Interest

Welcome back to Fantasy Friday! Continuing with the theme of No. 6, I'm featuring some other points of architectural interests from the show. The building's featured this week vary in their function. While a few of them are considered civic public spaces, there are a few more private ones! And if you missed out previous Fantasy … Continue reading Architecture of No. 6 : Points of Interest