IT’S THE FINAL DAY!! I’ll do a final wrap-up final thoughts post tomorrow as my complete wrap up. But moving on!


The anime that came to mind for this prompt is Trigun. I’m picking Trigun for a number of reasons. Overall the story was good and the character development of Vash was really good. I wrote about him on Day 3 – Favorite Male Character Ever. But there were a lot of unanswered questions regarding Vash; I get that there isn’t much to say about him overall but there was a connection he had with the “plants” of each city on the planet and he called them his brothers and sisters. We weren’t given much explanation though which has obviously irked me. I felt the second arc of Trigun to be a bit on the rushed side, and felt that maybe it would’ve benefited from a second season. I also would’ve liked to see what the future held for the Vash and Knives after the latter’s defeat in the duel.  How would Vash help Knives at that point? I was always so curious! It’s probably time for me to read the manga to see what happened.

However, even though this series had it’s share of flaws, it had an overwhelmingly positive impact on me as anime viewer. Trigun, to me has withstood the test of time and is one of my absolute favorites, if not a classic, in my library. I wouldn’t mind seeing more of Trigun maybe even as a reboot if it were to come around. One that possibly stayed more true to the manga.  I don’t think the anime followed it completely.

Is there any animes you wish had another season? If so, tell me your thoughts in the comments below!lovenpeace