I’m probably biased because of playing the video game and being up to date with the manga. But I rather enjoy Jean Kirstein from Attack on Titan as my favorite supporting male.


I think his character changes for the better throughout the series. It probably also helps a bit that Jean is actually Isayama’s favorite character in the series. Jean comes off as a cocky and an inherently blunt person.  But he’s really just a critical guy that is pretty cautious and considering his situation he’s just being pragmatic. At the beginning of the series he’s the number one person to butt heads with Eren because of their difference in ideals in the life they want to have. Jean wants to be safe inside the innermost walls with that military police whereas Eren wants to leave the walls. They just can’t see eye to eye; Jean thinks the survey corps is suicide and there’s no way to beat the titans and as we all know, killing titans is all Eren really strives for. They serve as good counterparts and even though they initially don’t see eye to eye; eventually they’ll come to tolerate the other.

I’ve probably said this before, but as I played Attack on Titan on PS4 I felt like I got a better look at each characters personalities. You’re probably wondering why since it is a hack and slash type game with very little story (that’s any different from the anime). Each character has a personality profile of what they’re strong at and what they’re weak at. Jean’s leadership capability is fairly high and is more reliable in battle in the game when he has a good team.  Whereas Mikasa has very little leadership skills but high strength and stamina making her more effective as an independent fighter on the field. So their personalities do make a difference in the game. For instance, any time I had to use Armin – who is weak overall except in leadership – you basically use Armin to delegate tasks to a team; and I just failed horribly using him every time. I couldn’t use Armin efficiently as I could’ve.

I literally turned on AoT on my PS4 just to get this screenshot. LOL

As Marco (RIP) told Jean once that because of Jeans ability to quickly assess situations and read the atmosphere of the people around him and his ability to rally them, makes him a natural leader. Later on, he relinquished the idea of the posh life and joins the survey corps despite his own fears to stay true to the words of encouragement Marco had for him, and also reassesses his ideals after a speech Eren made. He is also willing to lay down his own life towards the end of the anime, showing that he does value his comrades as he decides that if he, Reiner and Armin don’t engage the female Titan, the rest of the survey corps would be wiped out.


Jean is both similar and different to Eren and this is why he makes a good supporting character. They challenge each other because of their difference in ideals but they also respect one another. And also Jeans unspoken rivalry for Mikasa is unbeknownst to Eren and probably another reason as to why he dislikes Eren. Maybe on a deeper level Eren may represent the things Jean could never be because he does have a type of facade on that’s  it reflective of his personality. I just think they bring a great dynamic to the show – whether it be for comic relief or otherwise.

Anyways, that’s all for Jean and his loveable horse face! Till tomorrow! Gonna try to get my FFXV time in!…BUT after writing about Jean – maybe I should dedicate some time towards that platinum trophy instead and do FFXV o



I can’t believe I’ve already made it halfway through the challenge and am only off by 1 day!! I hope to keep this going strong. I also hopethis post isn’t too spoilery so I’ll try to keep it short.

Anyways, an Anime with the best animation. It’s hard to quantify this just because everyone has their own tastes and their own and on top of that there are all kinds of styles that could be considered the best. But for me, I’m choosing one that really had some incredible action sequences. I also loved the way they depicted magic powers with this colorful wisps of color-it had a very ethereal quality to them

I’m going to have to say  Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Budget Blade Works by Ufotable animation studios. Character design is a strong nod to the visual novel aesthetic; while the characters aren’t necessarily the most complex in facial expressions’ it’s something I overlook due to the rest of the content. This series may rely heavily on some post processing but the action scenes really are by far the best animated scenes. They’re vibrant and beautifully sequenced fight scenes. There’s a particular scene I want to talk about but looking ahead I can already see I can cover it at a later date. I also am particularly  partial to how Archer’s reality marble is animated. I love Archer >_<!!

Here’s a few gifs I found…speaking of post-processing and CGI effects. I’m about to open Final Fantasy XV! I’ve been waiting for this for a long time!!! Sorry to keep this one short and sweet! Till next time!



Hmmm…..Hmmm… I think I’m going to have to go back to Fairy Tail  and pick Happy for this one.


Happy is a blue cat , I mean “exceed”, with a white stomach that carries around a green backpack which is often filled with food or other random items. He’s often seen with Natsu and is both his sidekick and BFF. Happy is the epitome of his name.  He may be useless in battle, but he’s lovable, loyal, cute and always there to cheer you up with a smile and his catchphrase, “Aye!”

Aside from that Happy has wings! I’d love to have cat I could have casual conversations with and run amok with and he can get me out of a jam by flying us out whenever anything gets to hairy. But don’t call him a “mode of transportation”, that would only offend Natsu. Natsu, like the other dragon slayers, has a severe case of motion sickness. However, he was called out by Lucy when it was apparent that Natsu doesn’t get sick when Happy carries him around much like a mode of transportation. Natsu can’t believe Lucy would acknowledge Happy as a “mode of transportation” because Happy is his dearest friend.


One of my favorite scenes of Happy is when Natsu and the guild hatch Happy from an egg. Natsu thought he was taking care of a dragon’s egg; but much to his surprise was given a cat. This episode also gives more background story to Natsu – which is never a bad thing.

That’s who I would pick for my animal sidekick. Who’s your favorite?



An anime that never gets old….hmm…


I’m going to have to go with Psycho-Pass. Everytime I watch this show; I always find a new element that’s intriguing.  I actually have a few posts planned regarding this anime in terms of thematic elements and architectural analysis. They’re just a few observations I’ve made that were a bit mind-blowing. I think this show does well in using architecture as it’s environment.  But I’ll follow that up with another post.


One of the reasons why I enjoy this anime is simply because of the dynamic’s of the different characters on this show. Just to name a few: Shinya Kogami, a bad ass detective turned Enforcer. While Vash the Stampede is my favorite because he’s silly and badass; Shinya is my favorite for being an intellectual badass. Tsunemori Akane also has great character development from the very first day on the job in episode 1 to where she ends up in episode 22. Ginoza Nobuchika – it was really interesting to watch his character go down the path he did.  I also really liked Kagari Shuusei because of his somewhat happy go lucky attitude despite where he was at in life. But…*sigh* well, I don’t want to spoil it for anyone – you’ll just have to watch it. He probably had the worst ending – which really shocked me but still…ugh.. (Poor Kagari!)  I probably don’t have to mention Makashima Shougo; as I wrote about him in a post claiming him as my favorite villian.

I’ll keep this short. If i keep going on about this it’ll bleed into the other ideas and thoughts I have planned for another post!

Till next time! Whats an anime you never get tired of?


Gah this is tough because I don’t think I’ve ever really looked hard or had that “A-ha!” moment where I watched a character that reminded me of myself. I’ve seen bits and pieces of myself in several characters but not in it’s entirety. I’ve never really tried to look for myself in a character – despite how many shows I’ve watched.

giphy (1).gif

A friend from community college and I actually had a similar conversation as we played Attack On Titan together on our PlayStations. He had asked me which AoT character was most like me and I was dumbfounded. All the characters I liked were my opposites. So he said, “there is someone I think is really like you though”. So I asked him who he thought was most like me. And he said “Armin Arlert.” It took me awhile for that to settle in. After I listened to his reasonings – I decided to re-watch Attack on Titan here and there and paid more attention to Armin. I found that Armin and I are similar on a deeper level and that what my friend saw on was just a scratch on the surface. That was when I acknowledged Armin as my counterpart on my own; though I am by no means a genius tactician as he is.

This friend of mine was one that I had made in some classes we took together in community college and we had formed a little group. He thought of me as Armin because Armin was the smart one, the planner, and knew the best way to approach things and was the problem solver. I was really flattered he actually had thought that way about me.

But that just fed into WHY I also think I believe Armin is the character most like me. That disbelief in something so positive being equated with me.  Like Armin, I’ve battled with low self-esteem. I’ve battled with thinking I’m just a burden to my friends and can’t contribute anything meaninful. I felt this way especially with my group of friends at my Architecture school. Everyone seemed to be much more talented than I could ever be.

Just like that scene where Eren transforms into a Titan against the Garrison to protect Armin and Mikasa. Armin’s bewildered as Mikasa and Eren then recount the ways Armin has saved them. I’ve had several moments of my own like this. One of those was stated earlier; when my friend said I was like Armin because I was smart; I looked back at our group and realized I had always been the level-headed one in the group and was always the thinker. In Architecture school, my close friends also  talked to me the way Eren and Mikasa did – they recounted all the times I’d saved them for being quick on my feet about ideas and other random pieces of information. Those kinds of revelations to have really shook up what I think about myself.


The other things I find about Armin that align with me is that Armin is a dreamer yet analytical. He’s able to stay calm in any situation and is able to think through anything. Like Armin, I handle pressure pretty well.  He’s got a curious mind and his curiousity is what drives him in life. Like Armin I’m incredibly loyal to my friends and selfless when it comes to them. These are Armins’ strengths as well as mine. And for everything I’ve stated above; this is why I think I’m most like Armin in the anime universe.



This will be a huge spoiler to those that haven’t seen it, so I’ll put a break after this brief intro. So read at your own risk. But for me the saddest anime scene comes from Your Lie in April.shigatsu

As someone that’s grown up to love classical music, played the piano, and been in band for majority of my younger years; I’ve always felt that music had the ability to evoke our emotions and stir up a part of our souls. Musically, the pieces in Your Lie in April and the interpretive stances these musicians took to express these pieces were done incredibly well. Specifically with my saddest anime scene in Your Lie in April which is found in the first half of the final episode. They stretched out Kousei’s final performance in this half; and the song that he’s chosen to play was Chopin’s Ballade No. 1 in G Minor op. 23.

Continue reading “30 DAY ANIME CHALLENGE | 12”


I’m a day behind on this challenge, BUT! with good reason!!  HAPPY (belated) THANKSGIVING. I decided to stay off the computer and off anime to spend some time with family yesterday. I could’ve posted since day 11’s prompt…well…I’ll get to that.

ERROR 707*

(*an homage to Agent 707 – my favorite MysticMessenger character)


Unfortunately, I have to say – I don’t have a favorite Mech Anime. 

The sole reason is – I haven’t really seen much of the genre. I’ve only seen Knights of Sidonia; I can hardly call that my favorite when I thought it was just okay.
I have a lot on my plan to watch list; so…I’m hoping you guys can help me decide which one I need to watch first.


Potentials to start with:

  • Code Geass
  • Aldnoah.Zero
  • Gurren Lagann
  • Vision of Escaflowne
  • Any of the Gundam variations
  • Neon Genesis Evangelion

If there’s any on the list that anyone feels like is a must-see I’m open to recommendations!

P.S. I realized Ghost in A Shell is listed as Mecha – but I feel a bit torn about it. It’s not as robot heavy as it is cybernetic heavy…if it’s really a Mecha then clearly hands down Ghost in a Shell would be my fave. Clarifications would be nice – I may have to revise this but as for now.

30 Day Anime Challenge | 10

Favorite Fighter Anime. I struggled with this one because I don’t think I’ve watched a lot of “fighter” types.  So I had to do a bit of research. What was the difference between an action anime versus a fighter anime? Is it the amount of battles that occur? Anyways, after looking some stuff up and looking through my completed list. I had a total “DUH!” moment, and so I’m going with One Punch Man. I seriously considered this more action than fighter but anyways.

I love One Punch Man.  Even though it’s fairly new, a really close friend of mine suggested it to me as something to watch. This was right around the time I really jumped back into watching anime again.  I love One Punch for everything that makes it: fantastic artwork, action-packed sequences, great characters and most of all that it’s a parody on the whole shonen genre. It’s a great balance between action and comedy. Although some of the humor can be a bit crude – I can’t help but laugh really hard at that kind of humor. I tried recommending it to a friend but he thought it was too weird. I basically said oh, well – it’s your loss it’s a great anime.

I actually use the following two images to create memes to send to my cousin just to annoy her on a daily basis:

Saitama’s vastly different facial expressions and non-chalant attitude towards everything is priceless. I’m pretty sure its due to boredom in not finding a worthwhile opponent but it’s just funny watching him live his daily life with his apprentice Genos.  The following is my favorite scene of the series just because it showcases Saitama’s ability almost in full  but in a split second shows how damn silly he is, and I love Genos’ reaction just because well Genos could’ve died. It also showcases the incredible action sequences that made this my absolute favorite – in particular Genos’ entire sequence:

Another fascinating thing I love about One Punch Man; is the manga panels. Some people have actually pieced them together – and they are phenomenal. I think this is taken from the same fight as above:

The following gif and youtube video is of Saitama vs. Sonic. I just wanted to compare and contrast how the panels are actually much more dynamic than the animated-scene. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing – since all of one punch is really animated well. I just wanted to show that the manga itself was dynamic as it was in creating depth for a 2D medium.


This is also one of my favorite scenes because of how embarassing it is for Sonic. And I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen this and still bust out laughing till my sides hurt. I would highly recommend One Punch Man to anyone!

What are your guys’ favorites for this topic? I’m also looking for suggestions since my fighter genre is lacking.


When I first saw this prompt – there was ONLY one person that came to mind- Makishima Shogo. Let me just say – his character sends chills run down my spine. His twisted personality makes him the perfect villain in one of my all-time favorite shows: Psycho-Pass.

“To live is not merely to breathe; it is to act; it is to make use of our organs, senses, faculties – of all those parts of ourselves which give us the feeling of existence” – Rousseau. (Makashima’s motto)
Makishima is the primary antagonist of the series. He’s the mastermind behind a lot of the crimes that the Public Safety Bureau investigate. His personality is cold and calculating. He’s cultured, intelligent and eerily charismatic and he speaks so eloquently that he’s able to manipulate and persuade people with his speech. He’s probably one of the most brilliant antagonists I’ve ever seen.


He’s obsessed with violence and savagery. He seeks out the worst traits of humanity in individuals and uses them as his puppets to carry out his crimes and disposes of them when he realizes they don’t live up to the expectations of chaos he dreams of. He has stated that in doing this he wants to see “the splendor of people’s souls”. These people are often directed by him and act as distraction for the PSB while he works on a larger scheme. His lack of humanity is frightening as he remains incredibly calm and emotionless as he carries out acts of violence. And he does everything with such grace and ease – it’s mind-boggling to think someone like this is pure evil.


He has issues with how humanity has been blindly led on by the SIBYL system; they’ve  lost what it’s like to have independent thinking. His sole wish is the destruction of this society that SIBYL has built due to the personal resentment he harbors against the system itself.  The SIBYL system unable to judge Makishima despite his criminal has maintained a pure psycho-pass. It is speculated that his feelings of alientation from SIBYL for not recognizing him as a “normal human” drove him to lose his mind and drove him to feel like he had to destory it. He has claimed that because he doesn’t consider killing or commiting crimes to be wrong, but rather, completely normal reflects a flaw in the SIBYL system. Kogami states that he believes because of this isolation that SIBYL created and being recognized as a non-entity is what led Makishima down his criminal to begin with – his isolation had just made him that much stronger and that Makishima must have expereinced incredible hardships as a child that allowed his mind to stay pure.


Shinya Kogami is labeled as Makishima’s nemesis; as Kogami and he have very similar thought processes and are both incredibly smart and well-read (which is why Shinya is also one of my faves! I’m not sure if I’ll be able to talk about him in this 30 Day Challenge – that makes me sad!!). He and Kogami understand one other and both are solely focused on the other. Makishima doesn’t agree with Kogami’s trust and belief in the flawed SIBYL system – which is the catalyst that triggers them both being hell-bent on killing one another. They both recognize the flaws in SIBYL, but as a detective Kogami can’t let Makishima get away just because SIBYL doesn’t recognize it, he is forced to turn his back on the MWPSB and capture Makishima on his own. This is exactly what Makishima wants in the end. He wants to force people to think for themselves and act for themselves, and then live their lives of their own will. He believes in this so much that he’d be willing to die at the hands of someone “who has the will to kill”.


Makishima’s character is a work of art. When you first meet him he seems unsuspecting but as the story unfold’s it’s clear he’s a genius mastermind that’s orchestrated all the chaos that runs on in this world of Psycho-Pass. It’s amazing what alienation did to Makishima – it drove him mad that he had to do something for him to be a force to reckoned with. He’s my favorite villain in any series because he embodies such eloquence and grace but underneath all of that is a calculating murderer. It’s really creepy; but that’s what makes him so good!



This couple was one that I instantly thought of for this prompt. But as I was sitting down to set up my blogs for the week – two others popped up; then I started contemplating and doing a bit more reading on the couples I had chosen. Then it dawned on me – this couple wasn’t considered “canon”; they’re only considered semi-canon. That then triggered the other two I thought of – one was canon and the other one was also semi-canon. Then I just decided it doesn’t matter; it’s heavily implied that they would be a couple.

I decided to go with Ezra and Jellal because they aren’t officially together. They’re love story is heartbreaking because they are so well suited for one another in the grand scheme of it all but due to circumstances they can’t. But you can definitely tell the both of them love each other immensely – whether that be as lovers, friends, comrades.


Why I love these two together:

From the beginning it was clear that they just seem to fit each other perfectly – they are each other’s better halves. They grew up similarly and know how the other thinks – so when the opportunity to battle together arises, they are completely in sync. Despite the time and the distance and whatever conflicts have arisen, they truly had each others’ backs and respected one another.


As mentioned in a previous post about Erza (found here), she and Jellal were enslaved by cultists. The two quickly become close friends and he gives Erza her last name since she had none. In an attempt to escape the island, in which they were being used as labor to construct the “Tower of Heaven’, they are caught and Erza is taken away, tortured and maimed. Jellal sneaks around to find her and set her free and is furious to find Erza injured. He then takes her place for punishment. While in captivity Jellal becomes possessed by a dark wizard called Zeref. Unfortunately this is the pivotal point for these two. As another revolt comes to head – Erza fights to find Jellal only to see it’s no longer him and he forces her to abandon the island and leave everyone behind if she wants everyone left to live.



Under this dark wizard Jellal does some terrible deeds; and once he’s beaten in a battle against Natsu, he wakes up with Amnesia and the only thing he can recall is Erza’s name and along with it the feelings of warmth, kindess and brightness. When his memories come back – he wishes he could just die as that would be the best way to justify what he’s done to the world. But a chance encounter with Erza forces him to stay alive and to find another way to make up for those mistakes. He creates a guild of his own to defeat dark magic guilds. The theme of his guild is “punishment” as this is his punishment for all his wrongdoings. Amongst his punishment is that he tries to castaway his feelings for Erza. He believe he doesn’t deserve her, as she is someone who represents the light and good of the world and he’s the opposite. They are the yin and yang of one another. Since they have such a strong history together; they’re able to sync to one another easily despite how much time or distance has come between them. It’s seriously like they’re soulmates.


These two have always been so close to expressing how the other feels about one another until there is some interruption that causes them to stop and allows Jellal an escape route. Erza doesn’t deny her feelings for Jellal and has already forgiven him; but he refuses to let himself feel happiness with Erza because of his overwhelming guilt. Whenever they do run into one another Jellal’s only wish is to protect Erza from any harm; and Erza in turn would do the same for Jellal.

Erza is also known to be rather serious and almost stone-cold with her emotions. But Jellal brings out the other side of her.Another important note: After her escape from the tower of heaven; her right eye is replaced with an artificial eye, and whenever she teared up; only her left eye would have tears.  It wasn’t until she was reunited with Jellal and she recalls her childhood memories of Jellal do tears fall from both her eyes. Another random note, I love how Jellal’s tattoo is the color of Erza’s hair, and Erza’s fairy tail tattoo is the color of Jellal’s hair; an homage to their better half maybe? Anyways…

In this clip – these two almost finally kiss! But Jellal lies and says he has a fiance. One of his acts of punishment. He thinks he’s hurting Erza – but Erza knows he’s lying to her face.

These two continue to suppress their feelings for one another and try as hard as they can to be “normal” whenever they run into one another.. But the tension is clear as day when they run into each other. As the story develops – I really hope that Jellal and Erza have some kind of resolution and become a canon couple. They both have had enough hardships in life and they both deserve a shot at happiness. It’s clear that they provide what the other lacks and represent what an unconditional love is all about: forgivness and compassion.