In school I was exposed to a lot of theories (after all our school was more theory and designed based than technical). On top of that we used cutting edge technology to build our architectural models and create images of them with software. Suffice it to say I became obsessed with the relationship between design … Continue reading TRANSCENDENCE: MOTOKO KUSANAGI

Her Revenge on Life

First off, I want to thank everyone for all the great and positive feedback that I got for introducing WCW. I've mentioned this in a few comments, but I may have set the bar too high with using Utena Tenjou as the first girl. I'm not sure if ALL the women I choose can be as thought-provoking … Continue reading Her Revenge on Life

The Disease of the Ideal: Utena Tenjou

To offset the eye candy of MCM, I thought it would be neat to start Women Crush Wednesday. Not "crush" as in they're cutesy but because these women are "crushing" it in anime. Crushing it, Killing it, or a more hip way to say it:  they "slay". This blog series will look at female characters that … Continue reading The Disease of the Ideal: Utena Tenjou