[Summer 2017] First Impressions

Just about all the premiere’s have started. And I figured I would give an update about how I feel about the ones I’ve had on the list and some of those that I picked up out of curiosity. Now, most of you know that I usually finish the anime’s that I start regardless if they’re amazing or intolerably bad. It’s possible a lot of these may end up going “on-hold” but I’ll try not to do that.  Also, I’ve found that I’m bad with doing the whole weekly/episodic review, so while I MAY attempt it, it’s most likely I’ll end up with a mid-season and a final thoughts type post.

I’ve noticed there are quite a few short form anime’s this season, and I have to say, this format is really growing on me! Anyways, this is going to be a pretty long post since I ended up watching a lot of premieres so please feel free to use the following page jumps to navigate to the ones you’re interested in. With that being said, let’s get to it!

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[Watch List] Summer 2017

Hey guys! With the Spring Season wrapping up – I figured it was time to look ahead at the some of the summer shows coming and what I’m looking forward to.

If you hadn’t noticed, I didn’t really participate in watching anything during the Spring season. The only one I really watched consistently was Attack on Titan. Other than that, I have a ton in my queue to watch from spring but never started. Personally, it seems that nothing really grabbed my attention as a must watch; so a majority of these will end up being binge-watched at some point. Many of you have suggested a lot of Spring anime for me to watch in particular, I’ll have to hold on to those a little bit longer.


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Anime Watch List!

Hey everyone! Today’s update to my “Anime Watch List” is a mixed bag. Due to my short break/hiatus. I’ve barely caught up with anime; a lot of stuff has been pushed onto the backburner for the time being. So this post will basically sum up what I’ve finished, not finished, and currently watching and plan to watch. I’m kind of continuing my format from the Winter Season, but not sure if I’ll be doing weekly posts on a show.

I need to do a bit of housekeeping on this post (graphics, etc), so please bear with me I’m still trying to get back into the swing of things here at Archi-Anime and trying to walk and not run back into the blogging world.

Spring 2017 list

I still haven’t decided what shows of the Spring season I want to watch, but so far:


  • Attack on Titan 2 (season 2)
  • Clockwork Planet (it horrible so far, but I’m an ani-masochist)
  • Berserk

From Winter 2017 list


  • Acca-13 (completed)
  • Blue Exorcist: Kyoto Impure King Arc (completed)
  • Fuuka (completed)
  • Super Lovers 2 (completed)
  • Nanbaka (completed)
  • Masamune-kun no Revenge
  • Kuzu No Honkai (Scum’s Wish)
  • Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinju: Sukeroku Futatabi-hen

I’ll get around to watching the final 3. I swear! I’ll try to write some final thoughts on these! 🙂


I’ve moved a few of my incomplete’s into here..*sigh*


  • Your Lie in April (re-watch)
    I’m following along with WeekendOtaku‘s re-watch party. Your Lie in April is one of my absolute favorites, I’ve dropped a bit in the party but I’ll be more active and spamming with comments soon. lol.


  • Vision of Escaflowne (in progress)
  • Gravitation (completed) FINALLY
  • Re:Zero
  • March Comes in Like a Lion
  • All Out!!

Anime Watch Update

I tried my hardest to catch up with my shows, I’ve gotten most of my winter line-up except for Kuzu No Honkai & Rakugo. I’m like 3 weeks behind so..please bear with me. Writing these reviews take a lot more time than I thought. I seriously wonder how I can get this to work more in the future! But here we go! There may be a lack of graphics so I apologize in advance.

I also have a special review coming up sometime soon. I watched a film that’s a bit dated because a friend (Naja) told me too, and I was utterly at a loss for words by it. That should be up soon sometime!

Winter 2017 list


I finally caught up. Acca has been interesting to watch with all these little twists in the plot concerning Jean. I was not expecting that revelation in episode 8. And all I can say is NINO!! Boy was I ever wrong to judge his character. I didn’t understand him, I didn’t want to understand him. I thought he was possibly the worst friend/person there was on the show but my gosh was I wrong. Nino has endured so much, and his entire life revolved around Jean, and he kept on with his Father’s duties making them his own, following the story that his father and he and created as he grew up. Ah, I feel horrible for having misjudged Nino this entire time.


Blue Exorcist: Kyoto Impure King Arc
Stuff is finally happening with Rin and the gang. It was a really long set-up to get the story going. I still forget that the last half of the first season isn’t canon. You’d think midway through the season I’d finally get that stuck in my head, but nope, it hasn’t really sunk in. I noticed in the latest episode Yukio’s eyes have a flash of the blue flame associated with Satan; I’m assuming his powers may have been locked deep in hiding and due to the stress that Todo had put him under by threatening to kill him may have awakened that part of him. I’m really curious if he does get demonic powers like Rin. Also, there was a flash of telekinesis between the two brothers. I won’t like I low key wanted Rin to jump and search for his brother and save the day, but he couldn’t leave Bon. AH! I was also surprised by Bon’s reasons for being upset at Rin; it wasn’t that he was Satan’s son, but rather he couldn’t confide in his friends that he was carrying this burden alone. I’m a bit thrown off by that one character, Shima. He was really going to abandon his friends?! Ahh, I was thrown off by him completely!


Surprisingly Fuuka has kept my interest. I think it’s the musical aspect at this point but still, I look forward to each episode. Now that Yuu and Tama-chan are officially dating I’m more keen to see them break up and see him get with Fuuka. Because that ending with the photo of two hands clasped as a background photo has me intrigued. Whose hand is he really holding?

Super Lovers 2

I’ve been keeping up with the manga, and despite my complaints of the inconsistency of the animation I’m not gonna lie; this had me fan-griping from time to time. Damn those shojou sparkles they implement. What is it about that effect that garners fangirl squeals? I’ll have to write a post about that at some point!


There’s a lot going on in Nanbaka, we recently found out a few of the back stories of the inmates, particularly Nico. His split personality is suppressed by all those medications he takes which makes total sense but seriously what’s with these prisons doing crazy dangerous experiments on the inmates!?

Masamune-kun no Revenge
I’m just about caught up with Masamune. But I’m not going to lie, this one is a struggle to keep up with. The ani-masochist in me knows I’ll finish this but I’m starting to get bored with it. I’m waiting for something interesting to happen. Aside from the introduction of this new character whose motive we’re not sure of quite yet, it seems to be repetitive week to week.

*Kuzu No Honkai (Scum’s Wish)
*Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinju: Sukeroku Futatabi-hen


*March Comes in Like a Lions
*All Out!!



Winter 2017: Week 4 Re-cap….but not really…..

Per week, I’ve been arranging these reviews per order I was watching. However, I think I’m going to write them based on what I found to be the more interesting/entertaining. Fuuka has moved to the bottom while Nanbaka moved up. I’ve really only watched Nanbaka this past week.

Unfortunately this week, has been incredibly busy so I haven’t been able to watch much if anything at all. Majority of these will just be marked with my author’s note that I am in need to catch up.  This is generally why I didn’t want to do episodic reviews, but I figure this will somehow help keep me accountable for my shows while providing more content. Also you’ll notice the 3 lists were ordered by season and within those lists are sub-lists of shows that I’d have them listed in what I deemed to be more important/entertaining.

However, since I didn’t watch much from the winter season, I’ll be ranting featuring something from my backlog list that I DID end up watching this week:

Miscellaneous (the Backlog list)


Daimidaler (Kenzen Robo Daimidaler)
Over the weekend, as most of you know, I was working from home, plugging away at my computer working on some floor plans for a project deadline. I had tweeted out that I had needed something to watch in the background. shoujothoughts had suggested “Dance with Devils,” which I put on, but the bishies were blinding and distracting so I was forced to turn it off and save it for another day in which I can appreciate them.

Then my dear friend Jill, like the sweetheart that she is, decided to recommend what she deemed to be the worst anime in existence. She proclaimed:

“I needed someone else to share my pain with, it’s not fun to suffer alone” – Jill

She knew that I, an ani-masochist, would absolutely have to finish what I started as she suffers from the same self-diagnosed condition. Why would you put yourself through it if it was the worst? Curiousity killed the cat, and oh how right she was. No one should ever have to endure this pain alone. “What’s Daimidaler about?” you ask? Oh hohoho, well let me give you the rundown!

The comedy centers around a high school boy named Madanbashi Kouichi who has Hi-ERo particles, the power source to operate the robotic weapon Daimidaler.

With the help of Sonan Kyouko from the mysterious Prince Beauty Parlor organization, he stands up against the Penguin Empire that troubles humanity. – MAL & ANN

This anime was quite the eye-opener. The dialogue is so hilariously bad to listen to as background noise. At times I found myself questioning myself ,“Wait, did they really just say….that?…I’m just hearing things…..right?”. Unfortunately, every time I thought I misheard something, I completely did NOT. Believe me I’ve rewound things and read the subtitles. I was not mistaken, they really said that! But alas, it was just too was hard to look away. No, really. I’m dead serious, it really was hard to look away. It was a tractor beam that kept pulling me further into into this crazy daimidaler world.  It’s the type of bad that you just can’t stop watching. So, I mean….I guess it has it’s own kind of charm? (As Naja has said).


Special Attack! Two-handed quadruple skirt-flip!

Several thoughts:

  1. I’ve never seen an anime so ecchi that it should be considered a hentai. I was not prepared for the level of nudity that was involved. But I mean, what more could you expect from a series where charging up your robot means you have to do perverted things (a.k.a. fondle boobs) – and as tvtropes.org has called it “Deus Sex Machina” – a fictional element that requires sex for it to work; in this case, the robot.
  2. And apparently “Daimidaler” translates into “Huge Slut” or “Great Slut”. I mean….not that I’m completely surprised by this revelation….
  3. The cutaway shots for where commercials should appear was incredibly suggestive. Imagine a sex scene….without the male counterpart…awkward….and this was one of the more tame cuts!!!!
  4. PENGUINS WITH FRONT TAILS. Yes, just imagine that for a second. Oh? No? You can’t? Here’s some wretched eye-candy to torture you with:front_tailsAND THE PENGUINS SING THEIR OWN DAMN THEME SONG!!
  5. This show is so blunt with it’s innuendo that it’s not really… innuendo anymore? Okay, it’s straight diry talk. Lewdness to the max!
    Here, let me provide you with some examples:

    • “Why is your front tail at my mouth level”
    • “Enough about their dick tails!”
    • Penguins: “She polished our front tails! On her knees no less!” The character literally did polish their tails till the sparkles.
    • “A voice as soothing as an industrial-size jar of hand lotion.”
    • “They call it a ‘blow’ because it really, really sucks.”
    • “I’m so happy you helped yourself to my tongue like it was a free breadstick”
    • “It’s like watching two emoji’s trying to mate”
    • character 1: “we’re finally breaking our dry spell”
      character 2: “yeah, but how much of a pounding can she handle?”
      (This is them referring to breaking out a new mecha model)
    • Your titties should be feared and respected!

Honestly, I could sit here all day chronicling  these terrible lines for you, they are pure nuggets of genius. Can you sense the sarcasm? I hope so. The lines are so lewd and so bad that I end up laughing till my sides hurt and crying at the same time.  There’s absolutely no plot in this story. It’s really for shits and giggles and probably poking fun at a ton of different tropes. Sure this show has got it’s own charm…I guess, but it’s not for the faint of heart or for those who can’t see the hilarity that is found in complete garbage.

You’re probably confused. Is this a positive review or a negative? She’s complaining right? This is a rant….but she’s laughing? *sigh* Believe me, I’m just as lost and confused as you are as you read this. I’m not sure how to feel about Daimidaler. Yes it’s bad, It’s really really…really…really bad. I can’t emphasize that enough. But, I just …can’t…. help but be entertained for entertainments sake.


To be fair, even though I talk about it and can laugh about it I highly doubt I would ever suggest for anyone to watch this. For the love of all things pure and good, don’t ever turn on Daimidaler. Feeling curious still? DON’T DO IT. I BEG YOU. Don’t suffer as I have in this hell!! And don’t blame me for your dead brain cells if you do!

This kind of humor will definitely kill brain cells, no lie. But I still can’t turn away! Damn the ani-masochist that dwells in my soul!! Thankfully I’m 8 episodes in with 4 to go and then I can purge my memory banks. Seriously, where’s that Men in Black memory wiper when you need it!?


Winter 2017 Watch List:

*Kuzu no Honkai (Scum’s Wish)
*Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu: Sukeroku Futatabi-Hen
*Blue Exoricsit: Kyoto Impure King Arc

Gah! Ended on another cliffhanger! The frustration is real! Finally it’s moved on into the story versus what felt like filler episodes since the season started.  Jyugo, Nico and Uno along with a few other inmates are on their way to find Hajime and Samon; while they understand what’s happening in Building 5. We also get Samon’s back story as to why he hates Hajime so much. He hesitated to capture an officer for killing an inmate because said officer was his brother. However, Hajime was able to step up and subdue the officer and effectively put him behind bars. Thus creating  I like that Hajime doesn’t take it personal but instead tells Samon he just needs to forget that Enki is his brother and realize that he’s an inmate and he committed a crime; therefore you have to put your personal feelings aside and just apprehend the guy.

*Masamune-kun no Revenge
*Super Lovers 2

Fall 2016 Continuations

*March Comes in like a Lion
*All Out!!

*Authors note: Didn’t get to watch these this week; but will eventually catch up!*

Winter 2017: Week 3

I haven’t had as much time to really watch a lot this past week, but I at least caught up with the ones I’m watching this season. Anyways, here’s a recap of the shows I’ve watched this week:

Winter 2017 list

Kuzu No Honkai (Scum’s Wish)

This week’s episode was filled with lots of dark and twisted moments. I’m actually mindblown by the music teacher. Her sweet calm friendly demeanor is clearly a facade. That last scene I think shows us a glimpse of her conniving personality as she and Hanabi have their semi-confrontation. Her eyes half closed with a smirk indicating something like ‘ah, I’ve been caught..time to turn the tables in this situation.’ I think she knows who’s important to Hanabi and may use that as leverage to keep her secret about that guy she was with the night before. I was also shocked that Mugi was completely blind; no maybe he’s completely in denial about what his secret love is doing with that ex-student of hers. It could’ve been him! I like the conflict that Hanabi is experiencing; she sees the mirror image of herself in Ecchan. As much as she looks down upon those who take interest in her when she has no interest in them she’s slowly seeing she’s exactly the same when it comes it her crush. She starts to see that Mugi and her really aren’t the same, which leads me to that scene of them in his room. I’m slightly confused by what transpired when she expressed that she wanted to try to love Mugi. Was that just something she said in passing or did it really hold some meaning?  From Mugi’s perspective I actually felt bad for the guy. It seems his experiences with girls that weren’t romantic partners but more physical partners have just practically used him. I found that scene of him saying he was a toy as his lover and him go their separate ways to be quite powerful of an image as he’s depicted alone and left behind and that transitions to Hana; the newest person to treat him like a toy as she uses his body to experiment since she has never done anything physical with a boy. It was an incredibly interesting episode! My attention has been caught by this and I’m looking forward to next weeks events.


Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinju: Sukeroku Futatabi-hen

First off, how adorable is Konatsu’s son?? And what’s this?! Kikuhiko is smiling when he’s with this little boy! I feel like this little boy is thawing out Kikuhikos frozen heart. I would like to see another side of him! This little boy is just like his grandfather Sukeroku. He’s charming, charismatic, and great at Rakugo! Future genius in the making? If Kikuhiko would take him under his wing he’d be a great performer. Konatsu finally got to do Rakugo in front of an audience but due to her being a woman, she won’t pursue it. I know it’s a male dominated profession, but with modern times fast approaching in their timeline, it would be radical for her to pursue such a dream, but I think she’d do well and bring even more attention back to the dying art. I know Kikuhiko wants it to die out with him but with so many people willing to pursue the dream that he and Sukeroku had; he should budge. I know Konatsu hates Kikuhiko, but I wonder if she also doesn’t do the Rakugo out of respect to him and his wishes of her not performing or if she just doesn’t want to get on his bad side.


I’m a week behind on this one.. so this write-up is about episode 3. There’s still a lot of intrigue going on with this one. I don’t have too mny thoughts on this episode in particular. All the attention is on Jean, but he doesn’t know why until one of the 5 tell him he’s come under suspicion as to him being the one who’s involved with the coup d’etat Seems like there could be a lot of motives for Grossular and the named prince to want the coup d’etat to happen. But I’m still looking for anything that stands out. We’ll see what happens next week.

Blue Exorcist: Kyoto Impure King Arc

Very little action in this episode; the conflict from last week is semi-resolved as we find out who the traitor is and some of the reasoning behind it.  However, I found the confrontation between Bon and Rin to be a bit forced. I get that Rin was triggered by Bon’s fight with his father; but per usual Rin flew off the handle with his flames and keeping his emotions in check. I get that he’s concerned for their relationship; but you can’t forve people to make up even if it’s for their own good and to prevent them from future heartache.  The season over all is off to a slow-start, I hope it picks up a bit in the next few episodes.

Masamune-kun no Revenge

This shows’ plot gets more and more ridiculous and I am loving the silliness of it. I mean Masamune is learning how to exact his revenge via shoujo manga. Priceless. And a new love interest is introduced. Of course it wouldn’t be easy for Masamune to get Adagaki so easily and this early into the plot. Love triangle seems to be a theme this season!


I’ve come to the conclusion that I really really dislike Tama-chan. Honestly, I feel the initial appeal I had for this so how starting to wear thin. The story is a flat one-noted plot. The blushing faces of Tama-chan and Yuu gets old really fast as well as their awkward moments. I wish she’d flat out just say she’s in love with him but of course there’s no real conflict if she’d say it upfront. It does have its cute moments and I like the music, but other than that the show is waning in terms of interest. But knowing me; the ani-masochist in me isn’t going to drop this show.

Super Lovers 2

Haru is as dense as ever to realize his own feelings for Ren. I never realized how slow Haru was in the manga, it’s a lot different seeing this story animated. Is he really that dense or is this some kind of overused trope.  I’m starting to pick up a bit more of the nuances since I couldn’t really tell by reading the manga.  Ah, a new character makes an appearance! And now I’m kinda reminded that I didn’t really like this guy to begin with. I think the more annoying characters in this story are about to appear. And don’t get me wrong I really like this manga, but I don’t know why the adaptation really irks me.


Nanbaka is pure entertainment to me. The flashy colors and the over the top character designs. My favorite is actually the least conspicuous of the cast: Sugoroku Hajime. He’s a bit of a brute, bald and has a scar on his face. I mainly like him because of his brutish personality and his foul mouth. He’s the strongest in the prison and commands respect; but he cowers around the warden because she’s scary as hell. Not much really going on in this episode except that Hajime and the inmates are investigating what caused a guard and an inmate to behave so violently. I still can’t tell who’s at the bottom of this, and I don’t see it being resolved in the next episode either. Okay, so the architectural style is starting to grow on me and can foresee this being apart of Fantasy Friday sometime soon.

Fall 2016 Continuations

*March Comes in Like a Lions
*All Out!!

Miscellaneous (Backlog)


*Authors note: Didn’t get to watch these this week; but will eventually catch up!*

Winter 2017: Week 2

Week 2 of the Winter season has just about ended and I’m trying my best to keep up! I noticed my posts can be graphic heavy, so I’m trying to lay off a bit and only going to choose a few scenes that stuck out to me the most per show. Not every show is going to have a compelling scene for me to screenshot. I’m also keeping this post open as I watch each episode, so these may end up being a stream of conciousness, of things I’ve noticed, picked up on, or even question. Also, fair warning: I think it’s safe to say this series of posts will be filled with Kikuhiko’s face this winter season. >_<


Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinju: Sukeroku Futatabi-hen
Yotaro is in a tough position. He hasn’t found his niche in Rakugo, and now he’s got doubts about Konatsu, who he’s seen with another man. It’s become pretty clear that instead of understanding the stories he’s telling; that he’s just reciting how he’s heard it; and although 8th gen. Yakumo has told him to knock it off, he can’t deny that Yotaro has a good ear. This is problematic; how can you tell a story without understanding the context and why the story is being told? I can see why he hasn’t found his own style of Rakugo yet.
I also love the fact that Yotaro wants Yakumo, Konatsu, the baby and himself to be like a real loving family. The way he expresses it so much despite that Yakumo and Konatsu don’t get along is really endearing – especially when he brought 4 goldfish home: each one a symbol for each of them. I’m fairly certain that the black fish is Yakumo…black just like his heart /start fangirl rant, I cannot get over Yakumo/Kikuhiko’s facial expressions; he’s just so handsome with that look of disdain plastered on his face! Probably the cutest old man character ever to have exisited! He looks so regal and refined mixed with sex appeal!! >_< /end fangirl rant

Scum’s Wish
Wow, I’m floored by Hana telling Noriko to not cling to things that don’t belong to them. She’s a bit savage about it, which makes me wonder if she’s trying to stick to the making their relationship look real, or if she’s starting to feel something for Mugi – she does react a certain way later on in the episode when Mugi ruffles her hair a bit instead of kissing her, with her remarking “it’s like he’s my boyfriend”. The introduction of these 2 new characters add another layer of unrequited love. However I like Ecchan’s view-point as I’m not familiar with a girl-girl pairings in anime/manga. It’s clear that she’s in love with her best friend and Hana has no idea…but to end on that cliffhanger! What will happen between the two?  Will Hana tell Mugi what happened? Is this the development of another complex friendship? Ah! I’m so curious! Will Mugi and Hana end up falling for one another? But maybe not because, Hana believes that once you fall in love, it just has to be them. So many questions. Overall the episode was just as strong as the first, and I really hope it continues on this way for the rest of the series.

I don’t know why but I like this show’s “chill factor” and its art style, AND it’s jazzy OST. Jean and Nino are just two guys that are just super mellow, and I like it. But in the big picture, I guess, why is it being assumed that Jean is the leader of the coup d’etat. I’m quite curious if there’s something about Jean under the surface that we don’t know about, especially with the introduction of his friend Nino…who is apparently a double agent. What the heck?? Jean said they’ve been friends for 15 years, but Nino says to Grossler he’s known him for 30? Hmmm, I don’t know how to feel about Nino, and why are people bent on framing Jean?? So many questions!

Blue Exorcist
Screen Shot 2017-01-23 at 11.36.29 PM.png
The plot is still being set up in these early episodes as well as the characters learning how to deal with their feelings about Rin being satan’s son.  I’m glad one of the characters already gave up on trying to give him the cold-shoulder, because what he said in the above screenshot is true. It takes more effort to avoid and ignore the issue than face it head on.

The episode starts of with its usual slapstick antics, but they are starting to push the plot again. I’m pretty sure it has something to do with the guard name Samon. The episode ends on a cliffhanger – which isn’t that much of a surprise I could see that coming a mile away.

Masamune-kun’s Revenge
This scene made me laugh way more than I should have, but….I feel you homie, I feel you.
Anyways, I think we’re about to see Masamune-kun fall head over heels again for the woman he vowed revenge against. I’m also curious as to what traumatic story Adagaki has that caused her to eat so much – I wonder if it’s related to him? I have a feeling it links back. Also, a new character was introduced; she looked a bit like Yoshino, but an older version of her.

The fight between Yuu and Fuuka seems a bit contrived, but it was kind of endearing how Mikasa resolved the situation by talking to them separately and then having Fuuka listen in on how Yuu actually feels about their fight.   Overall, I definitely like the relationship between Yuu and Fuuka that’s slowly growing – I think she’s a better match for him than the childhood friend. But boy, is she gonna be jealous when she finds out Yuu actually knows the band they both loved growing up. Not only that – the singer Tama and the bassist Nico are missing – I wonder if that’s supposed to be some kind of reflection on Yuu and Koyuki. I hope I’m reading too much into the comparison.

Super Lovers 2
This was a cute episode. Sometimes it can be a bit cringeworthy considering the age gap 16 & 24 respectively. I just want Ren to hurry up and be of age and for them to really sort their complex feelings out. Haru especially just needs to really be the adult and come to terms with what kind of relationship he wants with Ren. On another note, I’m up to date with the manga and I keep thinking about the latest chapter and how I’m completely twisted over it because it’s just one bad thing happening after another to Haru. I just want these two to be happy!

Fall 2016 Continuations

*March Comes in like a Lion (see Author’s note with * at end of post)
*All Out!!

Miscellaneous Shows (from the backlog)

I started watching this per NajaMel and Jill‘s suggestion. As our fangirl chats on LINE include spamming each other with a bunch of bishies almost daily. They said it was a must see for a BL fan. I’m into episode 3 so far, and I’m pretty into it, Eiri Yuki has already caught my eye. So far so good! 😀

*Re: Zero
I took a break from this one after binging the first part of the first season. But so far it’s been an interesting ride. I’m on the fence if I really like this one or not, but my cousin and I have been debating over it because he thinks its the best thing ever and I’m not 100% sold. What are people’s thoughts on Re:Zero?

*Author’s note: I’m currently behind on these shows but I swear I’ll continue these and write about them at some point, things are getting a bit crazy both in work and at home.*

Winter 2017: First Impressions

We’re into week 1-2 of the winter season and I thought that since I probably couldn’t handle doing episodic reviews per show, I’ve decided I could attempt a weekly review post encapsulating all the shows I’ve been watching. I may be adding to this list at some point – I still haven’t gotten around to seeing what other shows have to offer.

Breakout Show:

Kuzu no Honkai (Scum’s Wish)
This season so far has been a bit lackluster in terms of first episodes and the spread is a bit sparse. There’s an abundance of romcom’s this season, but while they’re entertaining they’re not gripping. I had a few on my anticipated list found here, and so far Scum’s Wish has pulled me in more than all my other shows.


Scum’s wish doesn’t fall under the romcom genre, it’s more serious and a bit on the dark side. A story about two teens engaging in a physical relationship to cope with their unrequited love for another person is all kinds of messed up – especially when they start pretend they’re being physical with the person they’re in love with. I had started the manga a few months ago and found the premise a bit dark and twisted but I was intrigued because I love stories like that. I was pleasantly surprised by a number things on the show. The story of unrequited love is quite strong and the despair indicated by both Hana and Mugi is expressed well with their dull expressions, empty eyes and monotone voices. The art style is beautiful, and the sequences of scenes pulls you in. The breakout panels put an emphasis on the character’s demeanor. For example, in the screenshot below, Hana watches her crush engage in a flirtatious conversation with another teacher there are two independent panels that float on screen. One panel shows Hana’s point of view looking at the two from far away, while the other panel, is the watcher’s point of view with Hana just behind her unrequited love’s shoulder. I found this isolation of Hana framed behind him further emphasized her loneliness as an outsider looking in and that as shown, she’s probably furthest thing in the back of his mind. I found this scene to be really powerful in terms of expressing what loneliness looks like to our characters.



As for the Others this season:

Acca: 13-ku kansatsu-ka
Right off the starting line, I’m hooked onto this show for some architectural reasons more specifically urban planning. As the show progresses I’ll be paying attention to what I’ve picked up on, and at the end I’ll probably put together a ‘Sunday Special’ dedicated to some architectural theory on the urban landscape that makes up the Dowa Kingdom and the 13 districts.  There was a lot of info given in the intro so I made sure to make note of it for a future post! I’m kind of excited about the possibilities this can go into.
Masamune-kun no Revenge

Ah sweet sweet revenge. The vindictiveness of Masamune-kun is not a bad gimmick for this rom-com. I’ve found the first two episodes to be enjoyable and it has given me quite a few laughs. What I like about Masamune-kun’s character so far is that despite the false bravado that his vanity gives him he’s still the same insecure kid on the inside. I had a feeling that Aki’s subordinate was the one that remembered him; but the twist that she’s willing to help with revenge makes this a bit more interesting. I wonder what her motive is? Tired of being a subordinate? I guess we’ll have to wait and see.


The trio is headed to a beach house for a summer job to earn money to buy instruments for the band that they’res starting. Okay, so now I’m getting to see why it’s tagged as ecchi; lots of fanservice, but I think it’s not overdone too much…yet. The love triangle is a bit cliche, but I’m curious who Yuu will end up choosing now that they’ve all met. The spunky out going girl he doesn’t know much about, or the childhood friend that’s been in love with him since forever…I personally don’t think the childhood friend brings anything compelling, sure she’s an idol but…I don’t know, I’m not a fan.

Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu: Futatabi-hen

In an interesting turn of events, Sukeroku struggles as the media brings his past to light causing some trouble for him in the Rakugo world. He’s off kilter in his performance, struggles with practice with Yakumo and has issues keeping the audience entranced. He’s definitely in a rut. On the homefront, Konatsu’s baby finds his way to Yakumo leading him to find Konatsu passed out; as he tries to leave Konatsu grabs him in tears – so he tells a story her father used to tell her to calm her down. My mind went blank for a second and maybe I need to rewatch the first season, but Konatsu’s hatred for Yakumo is really intense – but he’s willing to take on the hatred and to allow her to kill him as revenge for what happened to her parents; but now she’s holding off on her revenge because she wants her kid to learn his Rakugo. I knew she disliked him, but don’t remember any of that hatred from the first season.


Also, 8th generation Yakumo/ Kikuhiko never ceases to command my attention when he’s on screen. His prickly cold demeanor and disdain for just about everything has me hooked on him. But we also got to see a bit of his warm side towards Sukeroku/Yotaro when he told him he needs to embrace his past to move forward. I thought that alone was the best scene of this episode.


Ao No Exorcist
I’m still a bit thrown off by Season 2, since it picks up halfway through season 1. So seeing the character’s re-cope with the fact that Rin is Satan’s son is still jarring. We’re introduced to Bon/Suguros’ family that takes care in the inn, and the conflict between him and his father, the priest. Still don’t know much about what the ‘bad guy’ wants with the impure king’s eyes’ just yet, but we saw that the character had one of them in his left eye. Not too much action in this episode.

Super Lovers 2

Season 2 picks up where season 1 ended last year, with Haruko suggesting that Ren leave Tokyo and accompany her to Switzerland to pursue his studies there since his learning curve is higher than most typical high school students and the curriculum in Japan can’t accommodate him.  Ren doesn’t want to leave Haru and he has to make the choice. Haru tries to suggest that if Ren did want to go – he should; which pisses Ren off who doesn’t want to leave his side, and he doesn’t want people making decisions for himself.

I know a lot of people aren’t interested in this due to it being of the  BL/Yaoi genre, as well as the fact that there is an 8-year age gap between our two characters. This is definitely not just about the physical part of the relationship but also the two characters’ emotions and how they’re dealing and coping with the age gap and the loneliness they both felt before they met one another and navigating their love on top of everything. I was looking forward to the adaptation of this manga because it’s one of the few BLs that got me into the genre to begin with. But if I had to be completely honest, I sometimes find the anime to be lacking when compared to the manga. I don’t think its necessarily the art style – it just doesn’t grip me the way the manga does. But I’ll still be following this show despite it because, I always finish a show that I start. lol.

Nanbaka: season 2
Hajime’s little brother comes to work for the day at Nanba, and the gang is curious how they could possibly be related when they’re personalities are so different. This episode didn’t have much to move the plot forward, but it did have some hilarious moments as a filler episode. This one is pretty much pure entertainment – I’m not sure that I’ll get anything necessarily meaningful out of this one.

Continuations from Winter 2016:
All Out!!
March Comes in Like a Lion

I’m still behind on these shows, so hopefully this weekend I’ll catch up and be able to write about them the following week.