[Watch List] Summer 2017

Hey guys! With the Spring Season wrapping up – I figured it was time to look ahead at the some of the summer shows coming and what I’m looking forward to.

If you hadn’t noticed, I didn’t really participate in watching anything during the Spring season. The only one I really watched consistently was Attack on Titan. Other than that, I have a ton in my queue to watch from spring but never started. Personally, it seems that nothing really grabbed my attention as a must watch; so a majority of these will end up being binge-watched at some point. Many of you have suggested a lot of Spring anime for me to watch in particular, I’ll have to hold on to those a little bit longer.


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WINTER 2017 – Watch List

The Winter anime season is already upon us. I’ve had a few on my “plan to watch list” on MAL for quite some time, but looking back at it now, there may be a few more I’m adding.

My top 5 anticipated are:


  1. Ao No Exorcist: Kyoto Fujouou-hen
    I’ve been a fan of Blue Exorcist for awhile, and am actually surprised to find out that the second arc of the first season was non-canon; so when I saw the latest first episode I was really confused.
  2. Kuzu no Honkai (Scum’s Wish)
    The story is intriguing and I had actually started reading the manga recently on a whim and not knowing that it was going to be adapted.
  3. Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu: Sukeroku Futatabi-hen
    First season was a real hit for me. Tragic but good. I can’t wait to see what Yakumo is up to – he seems to have always been the character I’ve been attached to on this show.
  4. Masamune-kun no Revenge
    When I read the premise of the show I just figured this might actually be a good comedy. So I’m giving it a shot
  5. ACCA: 13-ku Kansatsu-ka
    The art style is what really drew me into this one; and considering it’s from madhouse, I figured what can go wrong with it?

Other’s I’ll be following/checking out:


  1. Chain Chronicle
    Intrigued by it just because it’s Fantasy.
  2. Fuuka
    a twitter obsessed kid? I’m in!
  3. Little Witch Academia
    This one was recommended to me by someone. I know Netflix has the movie, and its from Trigger whose artstyle I rather like. So I’ll be checking this one out too.
  4. Super Lovers 2
    I read the manga so….yeah..just gonna leave that one there.
  5. Rewrite: Moon & Terra
    even tho I hated the first season I’ll probably check it out just because I started it – ahh the animasochist in me
  6. Chaos;Child
    …debating because i haven’t seen chaos;head yet – and I’m probably going to binge watch chaos;head before this even starts.

Continuations from Fall 2016 that I’m still following:

  1. 3-gatsu no Lion
    To be honest I need to catch up on this one.
  2. All Out!!
    What can I say I’m really a sucker for the sports genre. Despite its crazy weird sometimes off-putting art style – I’m actually enjoying this one even though it’s got all the sports anime cliche’s and tropes on it. I still like this one. I may end up writing a post about it….maybe…a very huge maybe…

What’s everyone else looking forward to this coming Winter season?

Versatile Blogger Award




I’m still a bit flabbergasted that I was nominated for this since I haven’t had much time to post lately – even though I have a long list of posts lined up!   But I’m extremely flattered, excited and thankful I was even noticed! And to the new followers I’m gaining..welcome! You can learn a bit more about who I am in my “About Me” page if you haven’t checked that out. Anyways, thank you thank you again melinanimeland  for the nomination!


I’m using a bunch of Vash photos just ‘cuz – he’s my all-time fave protagonist

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Seven Things About the Me

  1. I live in the San Francisco Bay Area.
  2. I’m over 30
  3. I’m studying to become a licensed Architect in the state of California
  4. I got to live in Japan for 3 months as part of a study abroad program with my Architecture School.
  5. I’m a Leo; but am actually quite shy – the total opposite of what leo’s embody and am actually quite self-conscious (still trying to figure out who I am – pretty late to the game)
  6. My immersion into anime has exploded a lot more than I expected in the last year or so and has actually been quite liberating for me in terms of accepting myself and raising my nerd flag very high.
  7. Guilty pleasures include: Otome games & BL.

My Nominations (this list is hard because half of these people have been nominated already and I haven’t followed a ton of blogs yet – still being kinda picky!)

  1. levelpotato.net (not really a shameless plug, but my friend runs this blog and I happen to participate in it!)
  2. fullmetalghoul (someone I started following awhile back due to their contributions on anitay.kinja.com)
  3. Funny Anime Pics
  4. Jill
  5. Karandi
  6. dtalksanime

Fall 2016 – Update

I was not disappointed the opener’s of my list so far (Ajin is out of the loop for now). But there were a lot of of anime that I did have an eye out for that really took me by surprise! So I wanted to do a quick updated list of the anime that I’ll be following this season. I may not write about all of them; but there are on my radar:

First my top 5 – reiterated:

  1. Haikyuu! Season 3
  2. Bungou Stray Dogs, Season 2
  3. Ajin, Season 2
  4. Sangatsu No Lion
  5. Watashi Ga Motete Dosunda

Other’s that I will be following:


  1. Days (continuation)
  2. Yuri on Ice
  3. All Out!
  4. Drifters
  5. Udon no Kuni no Kiniro Kamari
  6. Occultic;Nine
  7. To Be Hero
  8. Touken Ranbu: Hanamaru
  9. Shuumatsu no Izetta
  10. Nanbaka
  11. Bloodivores

Now, I don’t typically drop anime’s (despite how horrendous it may end up being) but last season was quite difficult – I ended up binge watching all the horrible ones in one day – talk about masochism.

As an honorable mention, I really want to watch Natsume Yuujinchou but I figured I should watch that after I catch up on previous seasons first. This one has been on my plan to watch list for a really long time.

Which anime’s caught your attention so far?