Another Announcement

Good morning everyone! I have a bit of an announcement to make a.k.a. Shameless Self-Promotion. I’m making some moves around here at Archi-Anime. I’ll be adding some stuff to the page as soon as I finally have time to do it.

But, aside from that; as you guys know I’m part of the PR team for the OWLS blog group and run our FB page. Due to my activity on FB and realizing I don’t want my blog to cross with my real life I’ve decided to launch a facebook page of my own!

Archi-Anime’s Facebook Page


It’d be great if you guys would like and follow me there as well! 🙂 I’ll be posting a lot more anime content that’s not necessarily blog related there. Like links to articles, images, among other things! 🙂

Another outlet for us to connect outside of the blog! 🙂

Anyways, thanks of listening and hopefully I’ll see you on Facebook! ❤


A Short Break 

Hello friends and ani-bloggers. Due to being sick among some other personal things; I’ll be taking a short break to get my life re-organized.

I’ve put some real life stuff off for too long and need to take a week or two at most to get my priorities re-aligned.
Please bear with me! I know I’d been on a roll since the beginning of the year, but this break is needed for my career path.

I’ll still be active on twitter and on comments, but for the most part I won’t be posting content. But don’t despair, that just means more awesome content is just around the corner!

So in the meantime I leave you with two of my fave gifs of Mako-chan and Vash in hopes to cheer you up in my absence. See you in a week!

Happy New Years! A Look Back and More

Hello everyone! I hope you all had a fabulous and safe NYE celebration! I’ve been a bit MIA due to family events and the last few days have been spent exactly like: vash-sliding.gifI can always rely on Vash to encapsulate how I feel. My last two days I was ill with food poisoning. I could barely look at food or eat anything. Way to end the year right?

Looking back at what I’ve accomplished with this blog in 2016 has been quite a feat considering how old the blog actually is (a bit over 3 years?). I’ve pretty much found my niche for blogging due to the reignited love I have for anime. I’ve managed to hit 100 followers in the last few MONTHS of the blog- something I clearly could not gather over the previous 2.5 year leading up to it. I’ve also managed to connect with a bunch of people in the anime wordpress community via comments and the resurrection of my twitter account allowing me to meet an amazing group of friends from everywhere that continually inspire me to keep doing what I’m doing(shout outs below). And while I struggle to find the balance to write about both architecture and anime – the few posts I’ve gotten through have given me positive feedback in my ongoing series: ANI-Reality. 

Before I post anything related for 2017, I still have my last 2016 post which is an awards post discussing what I found to be the best of 2016 – that should be up some time this week. Hope you look foward to it!

As for my 2017 plans for this blog. I’m going to be continuing the blog series I’ve already started: op/ed of the week, and ani-reality. However, I will finally be adding Fantasy Friday (or Fantastical – I haven’t quite decided yet) which will be architecturally related but still tied to anime. I’ll also be adding Man Crush Monday and Women Crush Wednesday. These posts were inspiried by fellow blogger melinanimeland‘s 25 Day Male Challenge. Since I struggle to do a daily posting (i.e. my 30 day challenge), I decided that it was probably a better idea to make it weekly. I’m including women because why not, it’d be nice to feature some strong independent female characters to contrast the possible fangirling of my monday inspirations. I’m probably am drawing this from my 30 day challenge and also well because.. Erza.). I’ll also be adding more architecturally charged posts throughout but won’t be tied to a specific series as well as more anime reviews and probably including more manga and otome on here as well.

Its going to be an ambitious year, but I hope to continue doing this blog as I’ve found the last few months to be incredibly fun to write and discuss with my peers. Thank you all to my followers and my newfound friends!

Special shotouts to:

Thank you guys for the inspiration and the great discussions and open minds. Here’s to another year of blogging and further discussions! Cheers! Looking foward to what 2017 has in store for all of us!vash-the-stampede.gif




I was never really good at the whole Twitter thing – but since I’m trying to become more active on the blogging scene, I thought the timing was right to bring it back. Because, reasons. More like for the sake of blogging and archi-anime.

So, I may comb through all the blogs I follow and start mass following you all. Please follow me back 😀

I’ll try to be consistent with this too! Thanks for reading and thanks to my followers as well! Hope to see you in twitterverse!

a re-introduction



lol and this blog will probably help me with my photoshopping skills 

This blog is always undergoing changes as I keep trying to find something of focus; although the underlying theme of my blog has always been Architecture. The first phase was to chronicle my time at SCI-Arc – most specifically when I was studying abroad in Japan and going through my last year of school in thesis mode.  The second phase was when I wanted to write about Architecture and Feminism — which was right after I graduated and starting working in the architectural field.  But I barely wrote anything if nothing at all and left my blog untouched for a really long time.  

It was a random run-in with a high school classmate that got me into the idea of blogging again. I had gone to my first anime convention in Oakland called Kraken-con. As I was leaving I saw a familiar face and decided to stop and say hello; I thought it was pretty cool running into someone I knew. We caught up a little bit and he told me he was there taking photos of cosplayer’s for his blog. When he said “blog” I was intrigued and proceeded to ask him questions about it.  Our conversation ended with me saying something along the lines of “I’d love to be apart of that!” I didn’t think he would take my offer seriously, but a few days later I got a message from him asking what my focus would be if I were to contribute.  I had asked what he wrote about and he said his topics ranged from anime, conventions, and gaming.  I told him I would probably stay within the anime category since I was new to the con-scene and I’m a light gamer; then I was officially added as an author.  I’ve only had a few posts published so far; but it got me to thinking: why can’t I write as easily for my own blog?

I guess I was intimidated by own blog for awhile.  The topics I kept choosing were just so overwhelming; I didn’t know where to even begin. I started thinking maybe I should switch it up again to something that comes more easily to write about; so why can’t I relate the two things that I really love and enjoy the most: Anime and Architecture.

Which brings me to the structure of this blog. And hopefully it’ll stick this time! There is a split in my obsession with Architecture and Anime.  So this blog will try to marry both these loves of mine.  Some days I’ll write about Architecture, and some days I’ll just write about Anime. And some days it’ll be a combination of both.  Lately I’ve been looking at the environment, the urban setting, and the buildings these characters occupy in anime and I’ll find something architecturally fascinating about it that compels me to research about it and write about it.  I’ve always been inspired by architecture’s ability to evoke emotions and it’s ability to inspire innovation. Anime is a great medium in which I can exercise my critical thinking as I feel like that’s what I miss the most about being at SCI-arc (and school in general).

Thus Archi-Anime is born.