[ Anime ] 2021 Watch list

I”ll be bringing back Zel’s Anime Breakdown to talk about actual episodes and show seasonally. Here’s a list of anime I’m looking forward to seeing this year (so far)!

attack on titan

I probably have written way too much about AoT upon my return, but I am incredibly excited for the new –final– season. I’ll probably bring it up soon, but I hope everyone is ready for the wild ride that is about to happen, and not to mention the making of a masterpiece. Attack on Titan is going to be a pivotal series, we are witnessing greatness unfold.

my hero academia, Season 5 & new movie!

MHA is a series that just gets better and better. I’ve loved seeing the world that Horikoshi builds with every chapter. The upcoming season is one of my favorite arc’s and will definitely be enjoyable and fun. Character development and a new twist will be added. For the second cour, I’m not quite sure I remember what happens. I think it might be internships again. But I may need to re-read to refresh myself before the new season pops off.

And who could forget that Bones is simultaneously working on the third MHA movie, which vaguely features Midoriya, Bakugou and Shouto as “The Three Musketeers”. Judging from the art, our trio must be participating in some kind of world event. As interns? As heroes? I can’t wait for us to find out more!

Given (film)

The long awaited Given film is making its debut on crunchyroll in February! I’m so excited to see it because the story focuses on the two support characters.

I think its because Haruki and Akihiko are the older half of the romance pair that I find their story more appealing? Or rather, more relatable because they’re college students. Their development is actually one of my favorite arcs. I cried reading some of the chapters, and even tried to write some character explorations from Haruki’s POV.


I loved this manga, even though I’ve only just read a few volumes and not caught up, it is a refreshing take on romance. And I’ve been wanting an adaptation for awhile; there had been a few OVA’s prior that did nothing but really push my need to see this as a full anime adaptation. I can only hope that I’m not disappointed by it. Since three episodes are out, look forward to my thoughts sometime soon!

Platinvm end

Again, I’ve read the first two volumes of this series, and was really interested in the premise, so seeing that it was getting an adaptation really got me excited to see how this story will go. Platinvm End comes from the creators of Death Note, and while that is a beloved series and a classic, I wonder if this series can live up to the known expectations of the creators.

to your eternity

I currently have volume 1 in my posession and liked what I’ve read. To Your Eternity, comes from the author Yoshitoki Oima, her more popular body of work is as we know the hit A Silent Voice.

I love her art style, and To Your Eternity, has a kind of whimsical quality that adds to its beauty.

the promised neverland, season 2

This is actually one series I have not read the manga. I’m going in blind.

I’ve also heard that Season 2 will be diverging into more original content past season 4. I’ve seen reports that the mangaka is still very much involved in the anime and has wanted this change.

Eventually I will be reading the series to see the author’s original intent (even though I hear the ending was rushed??)

Anyways, that’s a handful I’m looking forward to this year! What anime’s are you looking forward to? Are there any on this list? Let me know in the comments below!

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