Not That You’ve Noticed…

I’m starting to clean-up house around the blog, mainly streamlining the menu’s at the top. You’ll have noticed that a lot of my anime “themed” days have been listed under the “Archive” tab.

While I’ve loved having my themed days, this new approach to blogging is going to be much more casual than before. Character studies will just be character studies, no longer MCM or WCW. I couldn’t ever delete these posts, so they now reside in the “Archive” tab. Same things goes with the OP/ED’s. As much as I love music, I will admit it’s been awhile since I’ve collected openings/endings and I’ve been running out of songs to share for quite some time.

Now, that aside, you’ll probably notice two new pages. One thing I had really hesitated on posting to this blog was, my traveling adventures. I’ve done a good amount of traveling to Japan, and I really want to share the experience! Especially when anime-related things had been a priority on some of these trips. Photography is one of my hobbies and it’d be a good opportunity to share my work with you. But do note, my photography is mostly landscape and Architecture, not that that should surprise you. Besides, I’d also like to share tips/tricks, directions on how I did things while abroad, so hopefully when any of my readers go, they might be useful guides!

Journaling/Bujo’s Stationery has also been a thing that I’ve wildly been obsessed with, so that will go into my Lifestyle page too. I literally have a notebook for everything, and in that sense, I really am like Izuku Midoriya. I do bujo layouts for my fics, anime inspired layouts for my monthly bujo layouts. I also do a penpal thing with people in the BnHA fandom. It’s really all interconnected, so why not share it here too!

That being said, yeah, the second page. I’ve decided. Anime is what started this alternate personality, so why not give that part of myself a page here. A few of my friends here have been my biggest supporters in reading my content on Ao3. Yes, I’m looking at you Mel & Naja. These two have been so supportive of me since day one of my switch to fanfic writer, and both inspired me to get back to blogging. So yes, I can start to share bits of my fandom persona, Erza Mikazuki, around here. While Patreon has been great, there are significant changes that are making me wonder what other viable options there are to promote my content, if only just a little bit. I’m also going to be moving Fic Recs and creating a new graphic for that series to go under the this page.

These pages are still under construction for the time being, but will fill once I really start to blog again. Whenever work isn’t trying to kill me.

Aside from the Lifestyle/Travel & Fandom addition, what kind of content are you looking forward to seeing on the blog? Let me know in the comments below!

6 thoughts on “Not That You’ve Noticed…

  1. I think the blog looks great! Last week I also updated my own menu as it felt way too cluttered an added and index😊 Sometimes it’s nice to do things like that every once in a while😊 As for which posts I’m looking forward to? All of them, it’s just great to see you back in action! 😀

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