Let’s Try this Again: A re-introduction

Hi fellow ani-bloggers and friends! It really has been a hot (and I really mean hot) minute since I’ve written a legitimate blog post.

I admit, I lost a bit of passion for it, for a few reasons.

I felt like I was running out of ideas gunning for content that dealt specifically with Architecture. The evolution of this blog has really taken a turn from what it started as and what it became. I abandoned it because I felt like I wasn’t providing the content people signed up for. That and I fell of watching seasonal anime for a bit.

Secondly, it was a combination of two things, for which why I stopped writing. I mentioned it before, like over a year about, but, I fell into the Boku no Hero Academia fandom really hard, I devoted a lot of my time reading it, following artists, engaging with the fandom, and inhaling as much creator content as I could for it. And to this day, my love for this fandom has not dwindled (save for the dumbass discourse you see from time to time). Combine that with the “Create-a-story” tag I had participated in after having been tagged here, I completely launched into becoming a full-fledged fic writer for the BnHA fandom.

I created a whole new persona separate from Archi-Anime, and to my surprise, I made a place for myself and my body of work. I hadn’t anticipated getting noticed when I made the jump, but the jump has been very fulfilling to say the least. I’ve been asked to participate as a writer in a few zines, and the comments I’ve received for my fanfics have been really rewarding.

Because of how well my alternate persona turned out to be I even launched a Patreon.

And while, my writing has grown and flourished in terms of creating stories and alternate universes for the characters for Hero, I’ve gotten back into watching anime, reading more manga, and interacting in new fandoms and revisiting old, and have started writing for those fandoms as well.

Still, the thought of Archi-Anime lingered at the back of my mind. The want to return, the want to write about my current thoughts now about the things I’m watching and reading, would pop up every time I read a new chapter, engaged in a conversation regarding said chapter or episode.

But that thought “but it’s not Architecture” always pushed me back from making the return.

I thought about wiping this blog, starting over because I felt the departure from analysis of Architecture in anime would be a deal-breaker for those of you that follow this blog. This is not to say that I would never write about the topic again; it’s just not my main focus these days.

I thought about re-branding the site, and changing the name, but I can’t find it in me to do it. Because even though Architecture isn’t the driving force behind this blog, it is my career and it’s still apart of my identity.

It’s me as whole that represents Archi-Anime and not the content that drives it.

So now I’m just an architecture nerd that blogs about anime, and not just a blog about architecture in anime.

I’m sure most of you are probably “But we already knew that Zel!” I know, it might be obvious to you, but in my head I had a hard definition of what this blog was supposed to be, which prevented me from really creating anything. I feel like I go through this too much; I know those little voices in our head our our worst enemy. But honestly, I just want to continue writing about the things that I want to write about, architecture or not.

Times like this, makes me think about the classic (and my personal favorite) Barakamon and Handa. Being stuck in such a rigid mindset of perfection is too hard. Things shouldn’t and aren’t ever truly black and white, I don’t know why I forced myself to think that with the blog.

As far as content for the blog goes, I’m definitely adding manga into the mix, returning back to anime analysis, and character analysis. The themed days may/may not stick around. So I’ll be a little more carefree and approach it the way I do with my fic’s–have fun! I’ll see where it takes me. I’m just going to wing it for now; but for the most part I am going to post at least something once a week to get me going.

All that aside, I guess this is long-winded explanation of my return back to the ani-blogging community. I’ve missed old friends, and look forward to meeting the new.

So, Hi! and Welcome back to the “revived” Archi-Anime!

❤ Zel

10 thoughts on “Let’s Try this Again: A re-introduction

  1. Very nice.
    No successful creator sticks to a single theme throughout their life.

    If you can keep two separate personas of yourself and better yet keep two separate blogs up and running, the end result is best for you compared to anyone else.

    Otherwise be lazy like me and do everything from talking about anime to cooking under one name… haha

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    1. Oo moka, that’s pretty good, i like that. We’re always constantly bettering ourselves and exploring parts of ourselves that spark more creativity.

      Ah, I actually was thinking of creating a segment for my alternate persona here. It’s really just a penname for my writing, than anything! Keeping it separate is actually hard, one will get neglected over the other yenno?

      Thank you for the comment. It makes me happy to see everyone’s still friendly as ever!


  2. Well, this is definitely a nice start of the day! I’m looking forward to seeing what you will be coming up with next! It’s great to have you back, that’s for sure! Most important thing is too have fun with blogging and I think that you have made some good decisions to get back into this. So all I can say is: welcome back! 😀😀😀

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    1. Raist! Ah, its so nice to see you comment! I’m glad hearing from me made you happy!

      Yes, I unfortunately, lost sight of having fun because my archi-thoughts were dwindling with anime. LOL.

      Thank you for the warm welcome! I’m definitely going to aim to write more here! I’ve missed you and everyone else!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Definitely missed you too, and it’s awesome to have you back here! Look forward to talking to you again in the comments! 😀😀😀
        Have a great weekend, and good luck with your new blogging plans, I’m convinced you will do fine! 😊😊

        Liked by 1 person

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