Goodreads 2019 Reading Challenge

Hello friends! Last year I picked up the 2018 Goodreads Reading challenge, and I didn’t really get to update what happened with that. I mostly did my readings towards the last three months of the year, and I was so so close to finishing my personal goal of 20 books. I ended up with 18! I had meant to read more during my company shut-down/vacation for the holidays but I ended up not going that.

I posted a photo of books I had wanted to read last year, but I ended up not reading many if not any of those and instead set upon a path of reading/buying manga. That being said I’m going to continue down that road, and try to incorporate manga reviews. However, I’m not sure how spoiler-free I can be when I’m writing, but I’ll put warnings all over the place.

image via goodreads

I want to say that I’ll be aiming for a healthy balance of manga to actual novels; but I’m going to be honest with myself and at least aim for 5 of my pledge of 20 to be actual novels. I have my 5 novels picked up, and I actually finished 1/20 books pledge by reading Volume 1 of Golden Kamuy.  I decided to pick up the manga because I loved the show so much, that it definitely seemed like I should read it, especially when a twitter mutual told me that the anime actually left out quite a few story arcs, and honestly I read one that was left out and am honestly sad that this particular story didn’t make it.

Anyways, I’ll try to update you guys regularly on this too, probably in the “Where in the World is Zel?” series.

But if you’re up to the challenge, and are on goodreads, feel free to follow me. My profile is here: Zel’s 2019 goodreads Reading Challenge

Again, here’s a snapshot of what I’m planning to read this year. Hopefully I can manage the actual novels. I already started one of them, since one of my fanfics revolves the geisha world.


What books are you guys reading this year? Let me know in the comments below! 🙂

5 thoughts on “Goodreads 2019 Reading Challenge

  1. I loved Battle Royale, but the translation for the edition pictured is actually not that good. They changed some stuff and toned things down a bit that detracts from the essence of the story. But out of your list of books that one is my favourite (one of my faves of all time actually lol). I loved Colourless as well. It was one that kept me up into the night. I would like to say that there are some rape subject matter triggers in that book (Colourless), if that sort of thing applies to you.

    I’m taking it easy this year for myself. Last year, I was super lazy with my goal and this year I only increased it by 25, so it’s another somewhat lazy year haha. I figured with school starting it would be best not to add too much pressure on myself.

    I wish you the best with your reading! 🙂 🙂

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    1. ahh boooo nyan! really?? can u recommend a better translation then? also i started the first chapter of colorless and i had to stop for a bit because of the whole drama with the friends, i’m currently getting that vibe from a group of friends so it hit close to home.

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  2. Vigilantes is one of the only manga I can say I’m caught up with at the moment and I’ve finished A Silent Voice. I’ve seen various volumes of Platinum End at my local bookstore and I’ve intended to buy it a few times, but always end up picking something else instead…same with Golden Kamuy, although I’ve only seen volumes 1, 5 (which has the murder hotel story) and 6 around.

    Also, what is that BnHA thing in the background? A book? It looks pretty cool when all the books are laid out like that.

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    1. I love vigilantes! Volume 1 had me laughing so hard. And, ahh i also love Platinum End – its interesting. I love the idea of angels, and i love art with wings on them, so I had to pick it up to check it out. I’m reading golden kamuy because i’ve heard that they’ve deviated a bit in the anime in terms of leaving out some of the prisoner’s stories.

      oh, i was wondering if anyone would notice the BnHA thing, it’s actually a very large mousepad i picked up at CRX last year! I’ve been looking for a nice looking mat and was excited to see this mha fanart. I also have the print that features it. 😀

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