2018 Pritzker Prize Winner

Time to revive some Architectural content!

A bit late to share this but, every year in May there’s an Architect that is awarded the prestigious “Pritzker Prize”.

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What is the Pritzker Prize?

“To honor a living architect or architects whose built work demonstrates a combination of those qualities of talent, vision, and commitment, which has produced consistent and significant contributions to humanity and the built environment through the art of architecture. “Source

A Brief History of the Pritzker Prize

“Jay and Cindy Pritzker believed that a meaningful prize would encourage and stimulate not only a greater public awareness of buildings but also would inspire greater creativity within the architectural profession.”Source

It’s almost the Nobel Peace Prize equivalent for Architecture, as a lot of the rewards that come with the Prize are similar to the former.


Only one woman has earned the Pritzker Prize as a solo Architect. Other women that have been awarded have been part of a team or a duo, I’ve written about her before on here: Zaha Hadid.

2018’s Pritzker Winner: Balkrishna Doshi

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While I’m not overly familiar with Doshi’s work. I appreciate his manifesto in which architecture should be socio-centric with an emphasis on it’s usage versus the flashiness of the architecture. He sticks to sustainability while focusing on the actual context of his work.  While I love flashy otherworldly architecture, I definitely have an affinity for simple, straightforward usable space. I also have an affinity for Architect’s who use their history and culture to influence their work.

You can read more about Doshi on the Pritzer Prize website found here.

Thanks for stopping by! I hope that the Pritzker Prize was informational for you non-architecture geeks!

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3 thoughts on “2018 Pritzker Prize Winner

    1. LOL that would be really nice if I could get this.. We’ll see though! I’ve got a long way to go!

      And thanks Michel, it really means a lot when people take interest in my other passion. 🙂 I fully intend to carry out more of the Archi in Archi-Anime….eventually…i dont want to say i need balance, but more arch. is def needed.

      Thank you for being like my number 1 supporter in these posts T_T

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  1. Can’t find anything on the Pritzer Prize website about how the persons that occupy his buildings feel about his architecture…

    I’ll never forget a passage in a book I read on the design and building of a skyscraper… The architect was in flights of ecstasy over how the design of a floor would look from a mezzanine. (After spending a great deal of time and money on the design and execution.) The future owners of the building were not impressed – because if the floor was visible, that meant no people and no people meant no income.

    Architects occupy a weird space… on one hand artists expected to create great art. But they’re also hammer-in-hand workaday laborers that are expected to produce objects with both utility and functionality and fit to the building’s intended purpose. I do not mean in any way to imply there is no value in artists recognizing artists for the contributions! But sometimes it seems that folks inside and outside the field forget that the goal isn’t just to garner awards and certifications.

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