[OP] Daybreak’s Bell | Sunday Salutations

Good afternoon ani-friends! I can’t believe we’re already at the end of February. Time is just flying by so fast! That being said, how was the first two months of 2018 been for everyone? For me, it’s been a bit of a whirlwind, seriously. Work is just having us in constant overtime! I want to go back to normal work hours.

Due to all this overtime I haven’t been able to do much with my evenings when I get home. I’m lucky if I’m able to watch a bit of anime before I turn in. And lately, I’m in a state of flux between reading books and wanting to watch anime.  I started some architecture books for the Goodreads Reading Challenge, and I have to start studying. I didn’t realize how fast my scheduled exam was!  Meaning, I may or may not be MIA from here. I may have to suspend my weekly posts to ramp up studying time, and continue working on my backlog of posts (because half of those would be really good)

But, if I’m not reading, or catching up with my seasonal anime, I’m currently hooked onto Gundam 00, oh and Sword Ar Online: Fatal Bullet came out Friday, so there’s that for you to interpret what I’ve also been doing this weekend. So, naturally I’d be featuring the OP of Gundam 00 this week.

Title: Daybreak’s Bell | Artist: L’arc~en~Ciel | Anime: Gundam 00 Season 1

How was everyone’s week? Is there anything you’re looking forward to this coming week? Did anyone catch Black Panther yet?  Let me know anything in the comments below!

5 thoughts on “[OP] Daybreak’s Bell | Sunday Salutations

  1. Yeah I watched Black Panther last week. It was really good. Haven’t had time to write a proper review yet been a bit busy with some other stuff. But it really was a very good and interesting superhero movie.
    Take care, and don’t work too hard. Hope you will have a good week 😀😀


  2. Cruddy week, spent it sick and behind the 8-ball and stressed. (Feeling much better now.) But tonight a movie-and-dinner date with my wife. Going to see Panther, and then dinner at our second favorite pub/restaurant. (Because said pub is a block from the movie theatre and an old friend gave us a gift cards for the theatre and the pub for Christmas.)

    Good luck on the exams! Ganbatte!


  3. Good luck with your exams Zel-san!
    The week’s been pretty ok, but I have finals going on at the moment so it’s a little panicky haha.


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