[OP] Goya no Machiawase | Sunday Salutations

Good Evening! Today’s post is a bit late. Due to the three-day weekend, I’ve resigned myself to be lazy and binge watch as much anime as I can.  This post will also be fairly short, as I’m continuing to cross off “on-hold’s” from my list.

That being said, one of the anime’s I finished this weekend happens to be from Noragami. I won’t say much other than I really loved it. I’m seriously thinking about how I want to go about writing about the anime.  So of course, the opening song would naturally show up as my OP/ED of the week.

Title: Goya no Machiawase | Artist: Hello Sleepwalkers | Anime: Noragami (Season 1)

I hope everyone had a great weekend! Did you guys do anything fun? Accomplish a goal maybe? Let me know in the comments below!

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