[PODCAST] Episode 2 | Post-Anime Depression

Good evening everyone! The newest episode of the Innominate Anime Podcast is now live! Don’t forget to check it out!

Unfortunately, I had to sit this one out. I wasn’t feeling very good that day, so I had to skip it, but I did have a few things I wanted to say in terms of how I deal with Post-Anime Depression.

When I encounter a show that I absolutely love and really immersed myself in, there are a few things I do to cope with post-anime depression. These are the things I would’ve mentioned in the podcast had I not been sick and apart of the episode. 

Re-watching Episodes

The group mentions stepping away from the anime and it’s genre to reset their brain, and shoujo mentions to embrace it by re-watching it over and over and getting into fanfiction, fanart and manga. And honestly, I’m in the same boat as her. When I finish a great series, I tend to go to my favorite scenes of that particular anime and just re-watch bits and pieces that really stand out to me. Half the time I missed something through my first watch through so I end up analyzing that scene a little more in-depth than usual.

Listening to OST’s

Irina and Scott touched on that listening to the OST’s add to post-anime depression, but I listen to a lot of the OSTs of anime’s because it reminds of the feels of that particular scene or the emotion that the music is trying to evoke. It helps me get through the day when I’m thinking about a particular show and really want to watch something. But the OSTs add so much to the show and are just a way for me to cope with the depression. It adds another layer to the show that I miss, but allows me accessibility to it without necessarily having to watch it.

Reading/Writing Fanfiction & FanArt

I read a lot of fanfiction. You can find me on AO3 looking at a lot of Free!, Kuroko no Basket, Attack on Titan and Haikyuu!! fanfictions. I love reading about Alternate Universes, alternate endings, rare pairs, major character deaths, out of character notions and most importantly the Omegaverse.

On the other side of that, I actually write a bunch of fanfiction myself. I haven’t actually published anything, but I have a few people in my fanbase *cough* Irina, Mel, Naja & Jill*cough* I love my personal fans!

When I go to conventions, I’m always on the look out for my favorite characters and favorite shows. Fanart is a great outlet to see our favorite characters being depicted in alternate universes or in another form in which the artist sees them as. Half the time, their depictions of my favorite characters make them look more handsome than the actual character (I’m speaking about my favorite fanartist @shima920 and her version of Kise Ryouta)


Lastly, much like Irina, I surround myself with merchandise. I have running collections of Nendoroids and scaled figures from shows that I really love (Haikyuu!! & Free! are my main collections). I especially collect things of my favorite characters and favorite OTPs.  I also have plushies, and then if I really miss an anime, I’ll go back and start buying the volumes of manga to start reading about it from the beginning.

Those are the things I would’ve chimed in on, but hopefully I wont be sick for future episodes! But don’t forget to stop by the youtube and give it a listen!

What do you guys do to cope with Post Anime Depression? Let me know in the comments below! 🙂

4 thoughts on “[PODCAST] Episode 2 | Post-Anime Depression

  1. I definitely feel the same way as you about OSTs. They allow me to maintain a connection with something that I have otherwise “left behind”, be it game, anime or whatever. In fact, in some cases I’ve found listening to an OST enough actually makes me want to play the game again.

    This is why I haven’t listened to the Final Fantasy XIV soundtrack for a while. I don’t have the time to sink into that game any more… well, not if I want to have the time to cover anything else, that is!

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    1. Exactly! FFX is my one of my absolute favorite game OSTs. Listening helps me keep that “connection” without necessarily having to play the game. But I do get the urge to want to play games again. I definitely have to get back to FFX at some point though.. lol. so many FF games to get through!

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting 🙂

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  2. Whenever I finish a great series, I never look back to it for at least a few weeks; because if I do then I’ll be really depressed.

    But yeah, just like you, I also try to listen to their OSTs or OP/EDs whenever I can.


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