Architecture of No. 6 : Points of interest Pt. 2

TGIF everyone! 🙂 Today, marks the final last post of my No. 6 series (sorry Taku!). If this is your first time here you can check out previous posts on No. 6: The City of No. 6The Homes and Gardens of No. 6, and Architecture of No. 6 : Points of InterestOutside the Walls of No. 6

Today’s post looks at two more spots that I have apparently missed throughout this series.

screencap via Crunchyroll

First, let’s look at the city which Shion and his mother move to after being demoted from the elite class. It’s a far cry from the pristine cleanliness of the elite district, and a lot more compact in terms of space. This is more akin to a urban cities like San Francisco, New York City, that you would find these days. The greenery also is not as abundant, giving of a more run-down industrial feel.

screencap via Crunchyroll

The last building I wanted to touch on was the building at the end of the series. Just a few comments I wanted to make about it. It’s a prime example of modern architecture. Plain white boxes expressing the simplicity of materials used. The placement of this building is also something of note. An isolated structure in the middle of nowhere, literally centered in a circle and further surrounded by water. Clearly its a point of interest that is meant to be protected.

screencap via Crunchyroll

This concludes the No. 6 chapter of Fantasy Friday! I hope you guys enjoyed reading about it, and if you have any questions or comments let me know in the comments below!

2 thoughts on “Architecture of No. 6 : Points of interest Pt. 2

  1. The correctional facility left such a large impression on me as a younger viewer. I remember feeling terrified of its imposing, simplistic nature, and couldn’t even imagine what went on in there (the piles of bodies, oh god). With its inclusion at the end, it definitely brought back its sci-if vibes from the beginning.

    I’m so sad to see this mini series go!!!😭 But now that I think about it, you did cover pretty much all of the architecture (did you ever outside the wall? I might’ve missed one…). Anyway, congrats on completing this and adding it to your “professional portfolio,” so to speak. If the series ever comes up again in the future (which it certainly will), I’ll definitely be referring to these posts! Thanks Hazelyn!


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