[ArchiAnime Anecdotes:] Dreamlike Gardens

I’m back with a non-anime related post! Shocking I know, Zel isn’t fangirling about a Bishie or a sport anime for that matter! BUT, let’s be real, I can fangirl just about anything I have an interest in.

I had saved this draft a long time ago in an attempt to schedule a month’s worth of blog posts to make-up for my month long absence for studying, and to be completely honest, trying to plan a month’s worth to schedule within a span of two weeks was highly improbable for me on top of work and became way too stressful, so I have a ton of drafts I started, and this one unfortunately fell by the wayside.

For those that aren’t familiar with Archi-Anime Anecdotes, this is a segment of my blog that ended up becoming essentially a spin-off from my Take-Two! Tuesday posts as I felt that there had to be a bit more definition between the anime/otaku stuff my other half: architecture. At first I wanted this to be a collection of articles, but I’ve found that highlighting a particular article gives a bit more insight as to who I am as a designer in this field.

Image via Architectural Digest

That being said, I had to share this particular article:


Experience Spring at England’s Petworth House

Image via Architectural Digest

As my bio says in my About Me, I am a dreamer who often has my head in the clouds. I am a lover of art and all things that seem ethereal. Things that sometimes seem too magical, to delicate to be real. Things that have an airy wispy quality that seems like you’re in a dream, yes, cue the heavy hopeless romantic undertones.

This paricular garden makes me think of those kinds of qualities.

Image via Architectural Digest

The original garden was said to be too static and too manicured, and that they wanted to do something to break the rigidity of a plain field. What started out as an outdoor kitchen, and an abandoned tennis court, someone saw the potential of creating a beautiful garden within the confines of a walled space. By implementing the use of flowers and greenery that would compliment one another and essentially frame views and create vivid lines that your eyes can’t help but follow, created such a mesmerizing dreamlike quality that I just can’t get over.

I just had to share this post with you all, so hope you didn’t mind the ramblings!


6 thoughts on “[ArchiAnime Anecdotes:] Dreamlike Gardens

    1. Yes!! A very manicured perfect forgotten garden. And something like a hidden place you can only find if you’re exploring!

      Thanks Mel!! ❤ ❤ I'm gld you enjoyed it! 😀


  1. This reminds me of The Secret Garden, I think it was a children’s book but I’m not quite sure. It’s so pretty, especially all the plants that trail down from the doorways 😍
    Thank you for sharing!


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