Titan Fanatic: Hange Zoe

Welcome back to another segment of Women Crush Wednesday! I hope all of your weeks have been off to a great start!

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This week’s feature is Attack on Titan’s Hange Zoe. There are two sides of Hange that I couldn’t help but take note of. On one hand, Hange is the epitome of what it’s like to be a fangirl. On the other hand you have an incredibly smart, quirky scientist. It’s a great combination and honestly I think she represents a lot of us ani-bloggers. We all have that side of us that can fangirl about something yet have the professional side of us that the rest of the world knows us for. I promise there are NO spoilers in this post about her, even though I’m ahead in the manga!

The Fangirl

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If you’ve seen the series, and read the manga, then this should be no surprise. Hange has an unhealthy obsession with titans, often times putting herself in precarious situations in which Moblit has to come and save her from an untimely death. It’s often used to as comedic relief, but hey it speaks a lot about her character. She’s fearless. I love how she fangirls about them too, I swear this has to be the most relatable part as we all know my love for cute anime boys.

The Scientist

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Yet, while she is a huge fangirl, she’s really fangirling about the science that comes with the study of titans, and you know, I relate to this so much. Sometimes I get caught up with the discussion of Architecture with friends that it comes off as fangirling. You all should be familiar with my Fantasy Friday posts, that’s when that archi-fangirl comes out. She nerds out over Titans obviously for the science of their biology. I get it Hange, I really do.

Hange is actually a squad leader in the Survey Corps, whom Captain Erwin acknowledges for her brains, as he considers her his tactical partner when planning missions; especially his most top secret missions (i.e. The Female Titan arc). There’s a deep level of trust and respect between the two that dates all the way back before the breach of Wall Maria and the chaos that ensued after.



Mangaka Hajime Isayama actually did not assign a gender to Hange. He said that either gender would fit Hange. He wanted to keep Hange’s gender open to interpretation, and also told his editor and has instructed Kodansha to remove gender specific pronouns associated with Hange.  However, both the live-action films and anime consistently depict Hange as female.

What do you guys love about Hange?

6 thoughts on “Titan Fanatic: Hange Zoe

  1. I love that shes crazy and fangirl and that she’s also super smart and wow I just used she a buncha times. I think I heard about the whole gender neutral thing but once someone asigns a gender and you get used to it it’s hard to go back @_@ and she’s so awesome in the later chapters of the manga 🙏🙏🙏

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