Pretty Setter! Akaashi Keiji

Hey hey hey! It’s time for yet another MCM! I haven’t fully worked out how I’ll be approaching my MCM posts from now on (now that I’m without prompt) but! fear not, I come with a very special bishie: Akaashi Keiji.

Now, as you know Haikyuu!! is no stranger to beautiful men (as is most sport anime’s). Especially, the setters (I call them the pretty setter brigade). But I wanted to feature Akaashi today because this beautiful boy’s birthday is tomorrow: December 5th.


Tanjoubi Omedetou Akaashi-san!

yes! Nendoroid Nonsense is making a comeback!

For those of you that don’t know who Akaashi Keiji is; he is a second-year setter and the vice captain of Fukurodani Academy. He’s a very chill, quiet character, who isn’t afraid of calling people out on their bs/silliness (yeah, I’m looking at you Bokuto). He’s usually an expressionless character, but he’s known to crack a smile from time to time. Of all the characters of the Tokyo teams, Akaashi is probably the most humble about his abilities.

Reasons why I love Akaashi:

His deadpan personality and commentary are priceless

image source

He tells it like it is. Although he’s really respectful to those around him, it may be due to the fact that he’s younger. But that doesn’t fully deter him from making snarky comments. He’s not as salty as our favorite blonde megane (tsukki), but he’s close enough.

His facial expressions are everything


I mean, look at it. Have you seen his small smile? Okay, maybe I’m just a bit biased, but Akaashi’s nendoroid is easily one of my favorites because of his facial expressions. He holds his little onigiri, and he has a small sly smile on his face. His exasperated face is literally my face whenever I have to deal with something that wastes my time (yeah, there are a few people IRL that make me pull this face at least a few times a week). Just please, don’t come at me with you BS. I don’t want my time to be wasted and neither do you.

Accommodating as Hell

Akaashi is very accommodating to Bokuto’s erratic mood swings in-game. He knows how to deal with an eccentric like that and he can rally the team to get behind their captain when he’s feeling low. That alone is probably why he was able to gain the vice-captain position as a second year.

Overall, we don’t know too much about Akaashi outside of what interactions we’ve seen in the anime (where is our season 4?) and I’m dying to know his back story, but for now I guess I’ll have to live off of what I know and off of fanfics. (>_<)


Akaashi’s VA is Ryota Osaka, who is also the VA for Kuroko no Basket character: Chihiro Mayuzumi, and they both wear the number 5 jersey! 🙂

As a side note, if you frequently chat with me on LINE or twitter DM’s, then you’d know, aside from my KageHina pairing I am all about BokuAka pairings!

I don’t normally link these kinds of things, but if you do like fanfic, (and BL) I highly suggest reading this BokuAka fic, it’s really one of my favorites: Rules by ConesOfDunshire. It’s a fantastic AU piece on the duo, and I really love this. Just fair warning, it does get a bit R18+ in a few of the last chapters, but it fits into the story well, and not just smutty to be smutty.

BONUS! Behind the Scenes Short Story (:

I’m sooo sorry Akaashi!

I decided to surprise Akaashi with a little birthday cake and a small photoshoot. I wanted to dive back into Nendoroid Nonsense as I’ve totally dropped the ball on my beloved segment. I’ve missed writing stories about them, and since my post on Sugawara, the collection has expanded quite a bit. I figured since I was featuring Akaashi on MCM, it would be a great opportunity to use my nendoroids as a segue into Nendoroid Nonsense, but alas it was not a quiet photoshoot. 

Bokuto is very upset with me.

He barged into the room, with a party hat mind you, flinging the door open causing me and Akaashi to jump. He marched right over in the middle of the frame as I snapped Akaashi’s photo and started to cry about how he felt slighted at the fact that despite being my favorite, I chose to feature Akaashi over him. Between his half sobs he whined that he didn’t get a proper welcome and induction to the collection while having arrived first, and also because well, he’s the freaking ace. Apparently ace’s should get special treatment *rolls eyes*  He also reminded me that I didn’t give him a photoshoot on his birthday, which was in September, but I did tell him I had a greeting for him on twitter and that he did have a photo to go with it. Although, looking back at that tweet, he was crying in that too. 

I appologized and told him not to cry anymore as I explained that the timing was just coincidental. I swear, it was like talking to a five-year old. I had to sway him with a promise of a big party just for him just so that he would calm down. I asked him if he could be a good boy and stop with the tantrums so that Akaashi could have his day because damn it, it’s his birthday.

As you can tell from the candid snap of the interruption, Akaashi is just over Bokuto being so damn extra. If looks could kill! Akaashi isn’t one to demand the spotlight, but I mean, I get it. I would be upset too if someone tried to steal my thunder on my own birthday. I heard Akaashi mutter under his breath, ‘*scoff* petty. this is why we can’t have nice things.” I pretended not to hear his comments as I ushered Bokuto out the door. 

So, Bokuto, my (second) favorite Haikyuu boy, I truly am sorry that I did not give you the proper introduction with the proper welcoming committee, but fear not you will get your special day sometime soon (hopefully sooner than later).

Akaashi, I’m so thankful that you were a good sport throughout the “incident” and I hope you liked the photo we got to take. I know that Bokuto was a major mood killer, and your mood dropped significantly after the interruption, which is why we only got the one photo *sigh*. But Happy Birthday, you handome setter, you! I know that we both hate seeing Bokuto upset, so we’ll make it up to him, right? Thank you for your patience and hope you enjoyed your cake!

What do you guys think of Akaashi, did he stand out to you in Haikyuu? Did you like the short behind the scenes story? Let me know in the comments below! 🙂

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