[KnB Challenge] Day 30 | What I Enjoy the Most About the Anime/Manga

Guys, omg, we’re at the end T-T. It’s a bit bittersweet, but I actually have a few more KnB posts coming sometime in December so stay tuned! Thank you to those that followed me through this month long journey! I was able to do it daily, save for one day. With that being said….

What I enjoyed about this Anime, like most sport animes, is the friendships and bonds that are forged and broken within the multiple layers of all the characters. I especially loved Kuroko no Basket for a few reasons.

1. I’m a basketball fan, that much is given. But I was surprised how an anime on basketball was able to pull me in and root for characters and teams the way I would root for my team in a real game.

2. The focus on Kuroko as a weak character, but using his weakness as his strength to contend against the Generation of Miracles and to have the will to show them that a team is much, much more powerful than a strong individual player was the biggest take away from me.

3. Each character played a part in the series, and all had attributes that called out to us more than others. Due to all the varying personalities it was easy to find a favorite.

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4. All the matches, except for Hanamiya’s match, were great in progressing the characterization of key characters, especially for Kuroko, Kagami Aomine and Kise. I felt like these four went through the more drastic changes throughout the series, with each storyline being important to the main storyline.

I will forever be a fan of Kuroko no Basket for being a key anime that dragged me into sports anime hell, and for allowing me to befriend so many bloggers that feel the same way about this anime, especially my dearest friend who I can fangirl over KnB everyday with: Mel.

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I’ve decided to start the manga, because why the heck not. I love this anime so much I want to be able to embrace all of it, manga, anime and merchandise. ROFL. Don’t get me started on figures.. *sigh*.

Anyways, thank you all again for following me on this blog challenge!! I look forward to doing another challenge, but I will save that for 2018!

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What was the thing you enjoyed the most about the anime or the manga? Let me know your thoughts!

16 thoughts on “[KnB Challenge] Day 30 | What I Enjoy the Most About the Anime/Manga

  1. Congratulations on finishing! Yay Zel-san!!
    For me, it was on of the first sports manga I started, after Haikyuu! and I loved it for all the reasons that you said too!

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    1. Thanks Auri! ❤ Thank you for living on my blog throughout this. LOL. KnB was technically my first "sport" anime. Really Free! was my first, but that doesn't focus on the sport as it does the friendships. so KnB was the one that dragged me into sports anime. Haikyuu came after this!

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  2. Congrats, Zel! You did a great job!

    Well KnB was the 2nd or 3rd sports anime I watched, just like the lady above me XD, and no matter how much I rant about the cliche and drama, we all know that it’s an energetic anime and I love it for that

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    1. LOL yes, all the shounen tropes are in knB aren’t they? But despite all that, I love it so so so much. It’s one of the few I keep going back to watch. ❤

      Thanks for being apart of the journey! 😀

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  3. Holy moly you did it! Woo-hoo!

    Hmmmm I liked seeing how Taiga’s long-time friend was able to hone his skills and have polished skills that impressed everyone despite not being a GOM. Hardworking “normal” characters are always my favorite.

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