The Abundant Bishies of Shingeki no Bahamut: Genesis

Happy Monday! As per usual, I’m here to chase your Monday Blues away with your weekly dose of Man Crush Monday!

As I mentioned in yesterday’s OP/ED I’ve been into the Shingeki no Bahamut (Rage of Bahamut). Shingeki no Bahamut is a fantasy adventure anime that tells a tale of the relationships  between angels, humans and demons. (I don’t want to say too much because I’m planning a review). I really liked the aesthetics of this show, and that had nothing to do with the men of the series. In fact I was taken aback by the amount of bishies that are in this anime.

Let me just say upfront that, this was truly intentional design choice. Also, I want to thank Leth for the very animated discussion on bishounen’s earlier this morning when I was contemplating about my MCM, and also to Mark who listened to me go on and on about the bishies of Genesis which allowed me to realize that these guys should be my feature on this week’s MCM.



image source

Michael looks more female than male, but I assure you he is indeed male. Such beautiful features can only be suited to that of an angel right? Right. We don’t know much about Michael except that he’s modeled after the biblical Archangel Michael and the leader of Angels. He is who Jeanne d’Arc prays to, and she is also the chosen “maiden” that Michael has decided to give gifts to.


Kaisar Lidfard

image source

Kaisar, took a while for me to like. He’s a little on the garish side, and has a haughty attitude when it comes to the chivalry of a knight. He’s also besties with the next person, Favaro. Granted they have a bit of a rocky friendship; Kaisar seems to waver between calling him a friend or a foe. He also loves to yell “Favaro” in many different tones, as if it’s the only word he knows how to speak. If you thought Asta’s (Black Clover) yelling was annoying, you haven’t seen the first couple episodes of Genesis.

Favaro Leone

image source

FAAAVAAROOOOO!!! Leth, says it best when he said Favaro is the Jack Sparrow of Anime. He’s quirky and always acts like he doesn’t know what he’s doing, but it’s all part of the façade. He’s actually really good at what he does and is quick on his feet, and is indeed a man with a plan.



image source

Seriously though, how is this fallen angel so pretty?! We don’t really see much of him in Genesis, but when we do he’s very flat/monotone in his mannerisms. Even though his nose is buried in a book, it doesn’t mean he’s not aware of what his subordinates are up to.

and my personal favorite of the series!:


azazel_bahamutOkay, to be honest, the goth look doesn’t appeal to me much, but for some reason Azazel does it for me. He’s a bit of a jackass in Season 1, but of course he is, he’s a demon. He looks at humanity as a blemish on the world, and looks down upon them. Also, for such a serious character he’s often used as comedic relief, it took me by surprise because it’s so jarring. It’s just something you’d least expect from a character like his. Also, he’s just one of those character’s that just has all the bad luck in the world. If anything bad is going to happen, it’s going to happen to Azazel.


Also, that side-glance though…*ahem* Okay, so that .gif is actually from Season 2, but yes, her reaction still is an embodiment to any fangirl’s reaction for all the beautiful bishies that reside in Mistarcia & Anatae.

But here’s why I think the Angels and the Demon’s are depicted as pretty boys. Bishounen’s are typically characterized as androgynous beauties who transcend gender or sexual orientation. But I think that’s purposefully done in this regard as both Angels and Demons are otherworldly. Their design aesthetic would surely reflect beauty that would seem unreal. If I had to point out something historical, then I’d say it falls along the lines of the roman gods and goddesses we know in mythology, they’re often depicted as visions of perfection and beauty that no human could ever attain.

Have any of you guys seen Shingeki no Bahamut? What are your thoughts of all the pretty boys present? Who were your favorites? Let me know in the comments below! 🙂


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