[KnB Challenge] Day 26 | Anime or Manga

Welcome back to the [KnB Challenge]!

Season_3_Poster   VERSUS   Volume_30

(image sources via Kuroko no Basuke Wiki)

If I really had to choose between the anime or the manga, I can’t really choose because, I’ve only just started the manga. So it wouldn’t be fair to just say the anime is the better of the two.

Which do you guys prefer?

5 thoughts on “[KnB Challenge] Day 26 | Anime or Manga

  1. Oh a HARD one!
    BUT, as I am a manga addict, I’ll have to go with the manga~
    Just like in Haikyuu, those little lettered jokes on the side of the speech bubbles are my favourite~

    Where are you in the manga Zel-san?

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    1. I’m still in volume 1&2, since I love the series so much, I decided to get physical copies of the manga since they’re reprinting them in pairs! 😀
      Currently though, I’m reading Platinvm End & A Silent Voice

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