[KnB Challenge] Day 23 | Favorite Match

Happy Thanksgiving from California everyone!! I’m super full and am slowly succumbing to food coma, and am tempted to just binge on some video games. I’m just started Rise of the Tomb Raider for PS4, so please feel free to follow my progress on my twitter @heyitszel and the playthrough tag #ZelRaidsTombs.  But alas, before I get down to that, I am here to fulfill my KnB post for Day 23 of the [KnB Challenge]!

Due to the plethora of matches found within KnB, it’s actually kind of hard to narrow down my favorite matches, I found all of them to be fulfilling in terms of growth of character’s. However, sometimes they did really a bit drawn out. I’m sure a lot of you will agree with me on that. You know, it’s really tough because there’s two that really stand out to me…So…I’ll give you both.. and honestly they kind of play in to one another anyways.

Kaijo High Vs. Fukudo Sogo Academy

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Okay, have I lost you? You’re probably like ‘What the hell Zel?’  But okay, okay. First of all, Haizaki is a total a-hole. I’m sure we can all agree on that. No one should every lay their hands on another person. Although, I really dislike him. He’s still better than Makoto Hanamiya. 

But, the reason I really love this episode is one of the reasons why I love the Kise/Kuroko dynamic. Kise’s almost ready to give in and throw the towel and accept defeat. But Kuroko’s out there in the stands, cheering for him, telling him he believes in him. This lights up a fire within Kise and gets him to breakthrough and show that he has another level of his copying skill: perfect copy. I’ve mentioned this in my post about Kise very early in the month, but this skill just allows him to go above and beyond; the only downside being that it does take a toll on his body.  I just happened to find the best YouTube video that shows what I just talked about about Kise and Kuroko:

Kise’s skill’s in copying is that he uses a high level of visual comprehension of a move, but as he copies it he uses more speed and more skill, making the copied technique into his very own. He couldn’t copy the Generation of Miracles or anyone stronger than him (i.e. NBA Players), but perfect copy allows him to do so, but he has to fill in the missing link that he’s lacking. For instance, Midorima’s talent is shooting anywhere on the court to make a three. In order for Kise to do so, he has to hold more power in order to shoot further. This is why perfect copy takes a toll on his body, by having to make-up for those missing links in order to copy, his stamina is bound to deteriorate. But anyways, sorry, I got off-topic blabbing about Kise again!! But, doesn’t matter it’s gonna continue.

Overall, to see the tension in the relationship of Haizaki and Kise who have very similar styles of playing was enjoyable. The trash talking was also good, just because Haizaki was able to get under Kise’s skin. But when Kise got over it, he was able to trash talk right back.  But seeing Kise bloom as a team player and an individual player was the best part of this episode.

A close runner to favorite episode is:

Kaijo High VS. Seirin High

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I told you, these were inter-related, and yes they’re very Kise centric! This is the match that occurs RIGHT AFTER Kise unveils Perfect Copy. We see how it’s truly affected Kise’s body, and what happens to him during this match, and after. We also see an emotional Kise at the end which you know, really shows how much this kid has grown from being a cocky GoM to someone that truly appreciates his team and knows how bittersweet it is to lose. This is also the episode that Kuroko tells Kise how he’s always viewed him as his rival, and how Kise was unstoppable with perfect copy. This was definitely one of those matches that was kind of a nail-biter just because, as much as I wanted Kuroko to win, I was also low-key rooting for Kise! Here’s a link to a video featuring some of the moments of the match:


So, what was your favorite match? Or were you like me and had a few? Let me know in the comments below!

3 thoughts on “[KnB Challenge] Day 23 | Favorite Match

    1. When Kise first uses perfect copy against Aomine and finally surpasses him? YES! It was between that and this match. Precisely because that was when Kise realized he needed to stop looking up to them but rather view them as equals.

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