[KnB Challenge] Day 22 | Favorite Team Uniform

TGIF! And we’re back with Day 22 of the [KnB Challenge]

Like most of the character’s on the show, the team unifroms came in a myriad of colors. However, most of them are a lot more tame in colors than you’d think. As for my favorite Team Uniform, I’d have to go with…..


Team Kaijo

image source

I’m probably biased because Kaijo’s the closest team uniform to GSW’s. I’m actually quite partial to the white uniform with the blue accents.

image source 1, 2 

The blue’s not too bad either tho, I like the blue with black accents. It’s a great combo.

I’m probably partial to white for other reasons:


Please don’t mind the mess behind him. LOL, I was so excited when I got him, I had to take him out of his box and take a quick snapshot. I hope to get better photos of everything I have sometime soon to post on the blog.

Anyways, that wraps up today’s prompt! Who would everyone else pick for their favorite team uniform? Let me know in the comments below!

6 thoughts on “[KnB Challenge] Day 22 | Favorite Team Uniform

    1. I was also thinking that too! I love the black/red combo, even Seirin’s is nice! The bad boy appeal of that combo does fit Too pretty well. I highly considered it as my fave, but the blue was calling me. 😀

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