[KnB Challenge] Day 19 | Favorite Friendship

Welcome back to the [KnB Challenge]!!

Friendship is an underlying theme in a lot of shounen, and it’s no different for KnB. Although, to be fair, I think Kuroko is a lot more focused on friendship and the team more than most of the character’s on the show.

So of all the friendships featured on the show, who would I label as my favorite?

Kuroko & Kagami

image source
image source

Like most friendships on this show, there are a lot of opposites. Kuroko is super chill while Kagami is a bit of a hothead. Kuroko is known to put Kagami in line when Kagami get’s too heated, calling for some hilarious comedic relief. Also, despite their looks Kagami is a lot more pure-hearted than Kuroko.

I’m at a loss as to what else to say about them that I haven’t already said in my Fave Seirin Member post. I’m trying to keep these as short as possible! 😀 See you tomorrow!

Who was your favorite friendship on the show?

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