[KnB Challenge] Day 18 | Favorite Rakuzan Member

Hello! Welcome back to the [KnB Challenge]!
This month is flying by so fast, seriously.

Today’s feature is Team Rakuzan, a prestigious team that hails from Kyoto. This is where the Captain of the Generation of Miracles (Akashi) and the rest of the Uncrowned Kings end up.

With that being said, we’re already established that Akashi is one of my favorites, so my next favorite Uncrowned King behind Kiyoshi Teppei would be….


Kotaro Hayama


image source


Okay, you can officially call me a sucker for blondes. Besides his lightning fast dribbling skills, there’s not much to know about Hayama, aside from his handsome face, blonde hair, bubbly personality and his snaggle tooth. And as stated he would’ve been considered a prodigy if not for the Generation of Miracles, earning him the title “uncrowned king”.

image source

Well, maybe…the fact that…he’s my birthday twin!! You would not believe how shocked I was and the fits of laughter I experienced upon seeing that he and I share the exact same bday. How many can say they share a birthday with one of their fave anime characters?

And as an added bonus:

Seijuro Akashi!

screencap via Crunchyroll

I just love this screenshot of Akashi in the zone.

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