[KnB Challenge] Day 17 | Favorite Yosen Member

TGIF Friends! I’m so glad it’s Friday!
And we’re up to Day 17 of the [KnB Challenge]

Today’s feature looks at Team Yosen, a fictional school located in Akita, which is North-East of Tokyo. Yosen high is introduced in Season 2 of KnB, during the streetball tournament.

I’ve mentioned Yosen before as they’re the only team that feature a female coach, which I think is pretty awesome. But, I digress! Let’s get to who I would choose…


Tatsuya Himuro

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Tatsuya is actually one of the prettier boys on KnB (behind Kise and Takao). He’s considered to be Kagami’s “brother” in spirit. They were besties when they both lived in Los Angeles, California. He is the person that got Kagami to play and love basketball as it allowed him to make friends on the court. To commemorate their friendship as children, Tatsuya bought matching rings as a sign of their brotherhood. They still hold onto the rings after they grew out of their size and wear matching necklaces. Due to their difference in talent, the two started to compete which ended up causing tension between the two, and before they could settle their differences, Kagami had moved back to Tokyo.

image source

Tatsuya is a shooting guard and has an ability called the “mirage shot” in which he tricks his opponents into thinking he’s shooting the ball, but the mechanics of this move is that he actually throws the ball twice. The first release is slight and goes straight up; he then catches it again for the real shot, thus his opponent who should have tried to block on the first shot, will already be at a lower point in the air unable to block the shot.

image source

He’s also someone that could’ve been considered incredibly skilled and almost on par with the Generation of Miracles. However, as Aomine pointed out, Tatsuya may be talented and a great player, but he’s the best that an ordinary person can get, and that while he could be considered a prodigy, he’s not the same level as the GoM.

And as an added bonus!

Atsushi Murasakibara

I won’t say much about him, as I’ve featured him on a previous MCM titled: Sweets are Justice: Atsushi Murasakibara.


It took me a long time to really like Murasakibara; but he’s relatable on some level…well mostly because I love sweets and snacks as much as this overgrown child does. LOL, there’s something very endearing about Murasakibara’s childlike qualities. Especially when he gets into that childish argument with Kagami at the streetball tournament.

That just about does it for today’s post! What do you think about this duo? Do you prefer Himuro over Murasakibara or is it the reverse for you? See you tomorrow! 😀

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