[KnB Challenge] Day 16 | Favorite Tōō Character

Welcome back to the [KnB Challenge].
We’re at Day 16, can you believe it, we’re Halfway there already!

Day 16 continues by looking at another rival team, Team Tōō. In the first season of KnB, they are the biggest rival as the Ace of the team Aomine, which set’s up the story between him and main protagonist Kuroko. Tōō can be depicted as the bad guys due to their mysterious nature and seemingly bad guy attitudes.

With that being said, my favorite non-GoM character is….


Shoichi Imayoshi

image source

Imayoshi seems laid back, but ever since he first graced the screen, I always had a feeling that there was something darker beneath the surface. I mean, you can’t really trust those character’s whose eyes are closed like 99.9% of the time right? Right.

No, but seriously. He’s an interesting character, and the fact you can’t really trust him just adds a bit of flair to his personality. HAHA that sounds a bit masochistic of me. But you can’t deny he has some kind of cool factor surrounding him. He’s kind of easy on the eyes and a pretty laid back character. Him being a megane earns him major points!

And as an added bonus, I present to you the true favorite of team Tōō:

Daiki Aomine

image source

Ahh, Ahomine. I really like this guy, I definitely took him for granted when I first started the series. But after doing my OWLS post on him, I have a newfound love and respect for this character. I won’t gush about him more than I need to, my OWLS post can do all of that for me!

That wraps up Day 16! Who would you choose between Imayoshi and Aomine? I wouldn’t be surprised if you chose Aomine, he’d definitely be a clear favorite! 🙂

6 thoughts on “[KnB Challenge] Day 16 | Favorite Tōō Character

    1. LOL the evil megane always wins. Also, imayoshi is really handsome. I think he could look like Takao but with glasses…honestly takao wearing shinchan’s glasses – he looks like him rofl.

      ahh, imayoshi..I wish I knew more about this gorgeous senpai!


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