[KnB Challenge] Day 15 | Favorite Shutoku Member

Hello readers! Welcome to Day 15 of the [KnB Challenge]


Hey everyone! Today’s feature is one of the rivals we come to know (and adore) in the anime series Kuroko no Basket. Shutoku is probably best knowsn for their really bright orange uniform! I personally much rather like their white uniform.

I digress, today’s feature is …..


Kazunari Takao

image source

Takao is what you would call your resident class clown. He always has this humorous air about him that makes it look like he doesn’t take anything seriously. But, behind that smirk is yet another devoted basketball player. He remembers Midorima, but the latter can’t return the sentiment. Takao had told himself he would beat Midorima the next time he saw him, but next thing he knew they were playing together on the same team in their first year of high school (Hmm, sounds familiar? Kageyama/Hinata I’m looking at you). He tells Midorima that one day he’ll get him to recognize him and his talents.

Takao impersonating Midorima (image source)

Takao, is such a great foil to the overly seriously Midorima. He’s actually a lot more lovable than that tsundere. Well, in my humble opinion he is. Whenever Takao enters the scene, whether that be for comic relief or not, you can’t help but smile when he’s on screen. He just has that kind of effect on you, and no I’m not talking just referring to his handsome face! His sense of humor and easy going personality make it easy for others to be around him, and Midorima is a perfect example of that. There isn’t a person on the show that wouldn’t get along with Takao.

Honestly, if we ever saw Takao ever interact with Kise; I seriously think they’d be BFF’s. They have similar personalities, in that they are the happy-go-lucky types.


Shintaro Midorima


This post would NOT be complete without a shout out to one my favorite three-point shooters (first, being Hyuuga obviously). I always thought that Midorima was a little too overpowered, but hey that goes without saying, this is a shounen after all. But then again, you have a player like Steph Curry that makes equally unbelievable shots. I seriously think that Steph is the living breathing Midorima lol. Anyways, I’ve featured this green-haired megane before, so you can check out what I had to say about him here: Man Proposes, God Disposes-nanodayo: Shintaro Midorima.

That wraps up Day 15! Was Takao a standout for you as well? Let me know in the comments below! 😀

5 thoughts on “[KnB Challenge] Day 15 | Favorite Shutoku Member

      1. Doesn’t everyone Zel-san? XD

        It’s cute? O-oh. Ok then?

        THAT’D be awesome~
        Maybe I can do Kagami or Akashi because I only have a red guy’s hair wig, so crossplay?

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