[KnB Challenge] Day 14 | Favorite Kaijo Member

Annd we’re back with Day 14 of the [KnB Challenge]

As I mentioned before, we’re getting more into the team focused characters. As a friendly reminder, I’m choosing another character from each team that is NOT a Generation of Miracle, they’ll be an added bonus at the end of the post.

We don’t know much about the other supporting characters on each team, but each GoM is paired up with a senpai of some sort (unless you’re Akashi anyways). Sometimes they stood out, and sometimes there were other players that stood out more than others.

In the case of Kaijo, there’s only one other we’re really introduced to and could I say he’s my favorite? Of all the Kaijo members, excluding Kise, I guess there are a few standouts, but I would have to say, I have to go with……


Yukio Kasamatsu

image source

The ever-angry Senpai, that’s easily pissed off by Kise’s non-chalant behavior. He’s the one person that does not give a sh*t about who and where Kise came from. Generation of Miracle or not, Kise is still a first year that needs to learn to respect his elders and also respect the team dynamics. He’s also very known to hit Kise out of his annoyance. Although, he’s known to show Kise a lot of tough love, he does believe in Kise as the ace of the team. They have a mutual trust in one another as well as a certain level of respect. Kise has not given him the -cchi suffix, but it’s clear he looks up to Kasamatsu as a senpai/elderly brother figure.

image source

Kasamatsu is the captain of Kaijo, and a very talented player with sharp ball handling skills. He’s a dependable character and full of passion for the sport. He knows how to lead the team with a brave face especially after a devastating loss, in an effort to have them keep pushing forward and positive. While on the inside he’s just as crushed as they are. The scene of Kasamatsu crying in the locker room was just one of those moments you realize how strong a character is, how devoted and passionate they are to their sport, until the mask comes off and you see them at their most vulnerable.

Bonus! Well, not really, but I’ll just slide this in just for funsies!


Kise is judging you, but not really. I just thought it was a funny .gif.

But wait! Okay, here’s a bonus! This duo actually seems pretty familiar don’t you think? The dynamics of Kise and Kasamatsu …should remind you of….


both images found on giphy

Yep, the flirty pretty boy with the hard-ass bff/senpai. It’s a great dynamic and easily lovable! 😀

Well, that wraps up today’s KnB post! Who is your fave Kaijo player? Let me know in the comments below!

6 thoughts on “[KnB Challenge] Day 14 | Favorite Kaijo Member

  1. I was smiling the whole time I was reading that post, everything what you said about Kasamatsu is on point, I always enjoy the interaction between him and Kise.

    That comparative between Kasamatsu/Kise and Iwaizumi/Oikawa is so true.

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