[KnB Challenge] Day 13 | Fave Seirin Member

We’re back for Day 13 of the [KnB Challenge]!!

Hey guys, I just have to say, thank you to those that have been following and sticking to me throughout this challenge! Especially since I’m still in the planning phases of trying to get stuff out there! 🙂

We’re about to start the phase of the KnB Challenge in which I specify my favorites for each team. Now, I think the Generation of Miracles are probably a given, so I’ve decided to feature a NON-GoM player first, then possibly follow up with one of the GoM’s. Granted I’ve used a few of the GoM’s already, so I’ll try not to repeat myself if that’s the case.

Seirin is my favorite team of the series, as listed in Day 10 and there are quite a few players on this team that I’ve grown to love. This entire challenge would not be complete if I didn’t talk about this character. I hope you can guess who it is!! 

Tetsuya Kuroko

screencap via Crunchyroll

That’s right, you guessed it. None other than our beloved protagonist Kuroko! This challenge would not be complete without him being mentioned at least a few times!

This vanilla shake icy-blue haired stone-faced boy was such a joy to watch in this series. For him to have such a weak presence yet be a fierce competitor while holding fast to his ideals for the sake of the team and his passion for basketball. Kuroko was just someone you couldn’t help but root for.

I’ve written about what I found to be so great about Kuroko in aan OWLS post. I also shared it on Day 10. But to be honest, that post is more closely related to Kuroko than it is to Seirin. You can find the link here.

Despite his quiet-nature he is pretty straight-forward and fairly sensitive to those around him, (referring specifically when to that scene when Momoi came crying to him, and he handled it with such grace and finesse compared to Kagami). He hates dirty players, and despite his lack of natural talent, he took his weakness and made it his strength by developing his own style of play, which was hinted at by both Aomine and Akashi.

image source


BONUS! Special Shoutout Goes to:

Taiga Kagami

I just had to link this scene. For some reason it just cracks me up to NO END, and I will rewind it several times because it’s hilarious.

This hotheaded red-head would rank right next to Kuroko for favorite Seirin Member. I mean, come on, they’re a pretty awesome duo! 🙂 Have you guys seen Kuroko no Basket: Last Game? Because, you need to, this unstoppable duo has some great scenes together that will leave you teary=eyed! Damn, they really hit you in with these two!

image source

I didn’t go into too much depth with Kagami, I hope to circle back and really give an in-depth look at him the way I did for Kise, Kuroko and Aomine. Did these two make it to your favorite character list for Team Seirin? Hyuuga was a close call for this one! But he was already featured! 🙂 Let me know what you think in the comments below! 🙂


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