[KnB Challenge] Day 12 | Fave Coach

Welcome to Day 12 of the [KnB Challenge]

A coach is there to support individuals by providing them with training and guidance in order to help them reach their goals. There is no shortage of coaches in KnB, but who could be my favorite? We don’t really know much about the coaches overall, and I’d hate to repeat myself but what the heck, I’ll feature two today! One who is a no brainer, and one who is a complete doofus; he cracks me up.

Riko Aida


source image


Are you surprised? You really shouldn’t be. Ive featured her several times, so I’ll just point you to those so I’m not too redundant”


But to the coach that stood out next to Riko,  I give you:

Genta Takeuchi


source image

So, why this guy? Well, he’s the coach of Kaijo (Kise’s team) but he stood out because when it came time to face other teams he straightened up his look by shaving and wearing a suit. Unfortunately the suit was a little tight, and because his face is so round, his clean shaven face looked a little too shiny. To make matters worse, his change in appearance caused the Kaijo team to stifle their laughter in the locker room, wondering why he was trying so hard, most commented that it was due to him being up against a fellow teammate from his days on the National team who hadn’t gained as much weight and were still slender. In short, he was trying to compete against the other handsome coaches.


source image



Did you have a favorite coach besides the obvious? Let me know in the comments below! 🙂


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