[KnB Challenge] Day 10 | Favorite Team

We’ve made it to Day 10 for the [KnB Challenge]

Author’s note: Still combating a cold or something so I won’t be going into much detail again on this topic. I really would though, but honestly I don’t have the mental capacity.

Teams, we all root for one when it comes to our favorite sport, and KnB has no shortage of them! With each GoM branching off as individuals and into their new teams to see who would be the best in the nation, we had quite a few choices. But there’s only ONE that sticks out to me and that would be…




KnB_Seirin Team

Of course my favorite team would be the main team we follow. But wait! Don’t go! They’re not my favorite just because they’re the default!

After finishing the entire series, I started to really get into the NBA again. I started following the team I’ve followed since I was a kid. If you’re new to the blog, and you didn’t already know, I’m a huge fan of the Golden State Warriors.


By the time I really got into the NBA again, our team’s motto for the year was “Strength in Numbers” and our team’s culture had slowly changed under the new coach Steve Kerr. The year I finished KnB, was the year that the Warriors won the their first NBA Championship since 1975.

That season was an eye-opener as someone that just finished KnB. I was hooked on how much the Warriors reminded me of Team Seirin. They really embodied the ideals of teamwork and friendships; they don’t get caught up with having an Ace on the team. They work cohesively as a group, they win as a group. They think about what they can do for the team, and not the individual. To me they’re the living breathing Team Seirin, which is why Seirin became my favorite!

I wrote a little more about the team in a previous OWLS post: [OWLS Blog Tour]: Owning Your Weakness where I look at Kuroko specifically and how Seirin’s group effort played a into his views of basketball.

That’ wraps up my favorite team! Who was yours? Was it also Team Seirin? What did you love most about them? Let me know in the comments below! See you tomorrow!

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