[KnB Challenge] Day 9 | Favorite Generation of Miracle

It’s Day 9 of the [KnB Challenge]!

Author’s Note: You’ll have to forgive me guys, but even though we’re talking about my favorite GoM today, I’ll have to keep it short. I’ve been feeling rather ill today, and I was actually excused by one of my bosses because I didn’t look well enough to be there.  I’ll have to feature him in a future Man Crush Monday for a more of a character analysis type post.

Ah, the Generation of Miracles, a rag-tag group of ruffian’s whose hair reflects almost every shade of skittles. (Also, due to their hotness give a different meaning to the slogan Taste the Rainbow – har har)

Okay, cheesiness aside. We all know who my all-time favorite KnB character is, and since he’s a GoM, I’ve decided not to list him here again. Why? Put simply, it’s BECAUSE he’s my ultimate fave in this series overall. But if I had to choose one of the Generation of Miracles, there. is. only. one. The only one to keep these children in-line, and those that defy him are not allowed to look him in the eye. And the only one who kept these children of the Generation of Miracles in line. No other than, the one, the only…..

*drumroll please*


The Absolute:

Seijuro Akashi


I have to admit, there’s quite a few awesome fanmade video’s out there on YouTube. But I’ll just share the one above because well, I think it encompasses his personality pretty well.

both images: image source | gif: image source

I’ve discussed with Irina about Akashi before and while I agree he’s the least explored character’s I can’t help but love what we do know about him.  Of all the GoM’s, Akashi I’ve always found to be the more princely type. The type you’d want to bring home to your parents: appears to be a gentleman, well-mannered, well-educated, handsome, and a major plus: he’s affluent. Okay, okay, he’s not exactly prince perfect, we all will never forget the scene with the scissors. Despite his slight crazy side and his split personality that kicked in to preserve his pride (I know, I know-GLARING flaws) these are my main draws to the captain. Before his personality change in middle school, Akashi was definitely the princely type that girls swooned over. Mel would wholeheartedly agree with me on most of the things I love about Akashi.

But more on him next time! I really need to rest and close my eyes!

Well, that wraps up my favorite GoM! Who was your favorite in the series? Let me know in the comments below!

6 thoughts on “[KnB Challenge] Day 9 | Favorite Generation of Miracle

  1. You really gave us no room to criticize your choice and neither do we want to do so. Akashi really is a great character that brought out the challenges of a high profile final clearly in the climax of the series. I really love those characters who are really formal and gentleman like, but have a cunning or in some cases, sadistic side, hiding within them.

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