[KnB Challenge] Day 8 | Favorite ED

We’re back for Day 8 of the [KnB Challenge]!!

Yesterday I featured my favorite OP of the series, today’s post follows that theme as I feature my favorite ED of the series.



Title: Catal Rhythm Artist: OLDCODEX

Of all the Ending’s, this and Lantana, also by OLDCODEX have always been my favorites. But Catal Rhythm has been my go to. I actually listen to Catal Rhythm when I’m stuck in traffic and find myself getting bummed out. I use it as a quick pick-me up when I’m struggling to get through the day.

Also, the lead singer of OLDCODEX is the VA of Takao Kuzanari, who was my runner up for favorite minor character. There’s also a clip of Takao singing Catal Rhythm in the NG Shuu’s of Kuroko no Basket. They’re like the bloopers of the show. Here’s said clip:


I figured I should share his version of it. It’s so hilarious. Also, if you didn’t know this already, but the lead singer of OLDCODEX is also the VA for my favorite Makoto Tachibana!

But I digress, *ahem* Catal Rhythm is my all-time favorite Ending song, but I’m going to still leave my second favorite, Lantana:

What are some of your favorite tracks from the KnB Soundtrack? Let me know in the comments below! 🙂

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