[KnB Challenge] Day 7 | Favorite OP

Welcome Back to Day 7  of the KnB Challenge!

Opening songs to an anime series are meant to pump you up and get you in the mood for what’s to come. A lot of Openings are catchier than most. Kuroko no Basket had a plethora to choose from, but there’s one OP that stood out to me the most. I’m pretty sure I’ve featured this in an OP?ED post before, but hey it really is one of my faves!


Title: The Other Self | Artist: GRANRODEO

Season 2’s opening song is not only catchy, but the visuals are crazy cool too. We get a different art direction in terms of how the character’s expressions are depcited and they look so much more mature and the lines are lot harder and sharper.

On top of that you have the stunning action sequences of the players running up and down the court and the dynamic motions of each player doing their signature move. It’s got a high level of detail that has left an impression on me, and it’s why I can’t get enough of this opening!

What was your favorite OP of Kuroko no Basket? Was it the same? Different? Was it the song or the visuals that made it your favorite? I’d love to know in the comments below! 🙂

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