[KnB Challenge] Day 5 | My OTP

Welcome to Day 5 of the KnB Challenge!

Ah, the topic of the OTP (One True Pairing). It’s come up. Granted, I’ll admit there was a time where I was never really one to pair characters together in any kind of manner, let alone a romantic one with two boys. Then I watched watched Haikyuu!! and was introduced to the world of doujin’s via Kageyama and Hinata and from there I succumbed to ‘shipping characters left and right on most of the anime’s I watched. I say most, because sometimes I find ‘shipping inappropriate for certain shows (i.e. AoT and My Hero Academia)

So after this side was awakened, I started looking at character’s through a different lens. LOL. That being said, when it came to ‘ships in KnB I’m a bit torn because well, in my mind there’s two OTP’s here. The main storyline OTP that just works and I believe in that pairing too and then there’s my personal OTP. But as the prompt says, I should be focusing on my OTP.


Okay, so my OTP circles back to Day 1 of the KnB Challenge, because, of course my favorite character is part of it. While I acknowledge the storyline OTP of Kagami and Kuroko, for some reason I really, really love Kise X Kuroko, or KiKuro as they’re so aptly nicknamed.

Kise X Kuroko_171104_0074
image source

A lot of my favorite fanart of theirs comes from an artist that goes by @shima920 on twitter. They draw Kise a lot so of course I naturally fell in love with their art!  There’s not much to say about my OTP that I haven’t really said when I wrote about Kise. I just like that of all the Generation of Miracles is very forthcoming about their respect of Kuroko, and that he loves to shower Kuroko with (unwanted) affection because of it. Kuroko doesn’t express it much, as he actually expresses annoyance with Kise. But I think he really does hold him in a high regard.

image source

Aside from their friendship that’s depicted on the show, if they were ever to be really romantically involved, I would imagine that Kise would still be a big puppy dog around Kuroko and spoil him with all the love and affection in the world. Kuroko would still be icy, but he’d definitely reciprocate his feelings and let Kise know as much when needed, and as often as needed. Kuroko seems to be the type that’s pretty straight forward, and essentially doesn’t feel the need to repeat things because once should be enough.

That just about wraps up Day 5! 🙂 See you for tomorrow’s prompt!


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