[KnB Challenge] Day 2 | Favorite Female Character: Riko Aida

And we’re back with Day 2 of the KnB Challenge! Today’s featured character has been previously discussed before in a very important series of mine: Women Crush Wednesday. To refresh your memory, Women Crush Wednesday is a play on “Woman Crush Wednesday” in which a female character is featured. My version of WCW focuses on strong females in anime; whether they be leads or background characters, these women have made their roles clear and their voices heard, and stand for something!

My favorite woman from Kuroko no Basket is none other than Riko, Aida.

image source

Riko Aida plays a fairly critical role as she’s a Seirin High School student that coaches the   Boys Basketball team. Not a lot of coaches take her seriously as they’re older men that have been doing it for years, in fact her father was a basketball player for Team Japan at one point!


image source

Overall, Riko is an inspiration to women everywhere. She’s doing a man’s job at a high school level. It takes guts and lots of confidence. On top of that she might as well be a professional trainer for athletes with the amount of time she puts into training regimens, this is all courtesy of her Dad of course. Growing up in a trainer’s household, of course she’d be influenced by it!

Major brownie points go to her Dad as well for allowing her to pursue her goals despite her age and sex, because all parents should support their kids passions and dreams despite the obstacles they may face!

You can read more about what I have to say about Riko in the article, Who Says Women Can’t Coach: Riko Aida.

I promised that this would be much shorter compared to my Kise article! Hopefully, it will continue to stay this way!

The females are few and far between in Kuroko no Basket, so who was your favorite? Let me know in the comments below. 🙂 See you tomorrow for Day 3!

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