Nice Girls Finish Last: Rem

Hey guys, welcome back to Women Crush Wednesday. This week’s WCW came as a surprise. I always knew that Rem was a really popular character; moreso over Emilia it seems, but I didn’t understand why. As I mentioned recently, I finished Re:Zero. Although Re:Zero wasn’t up my alley in it’s entirety, I fully understand why Rem is best girl. While it took me awhile to warm up to her, I was in love with her by the end of the season. I was rooting for her (and still am); and was ultimately heartbroken at her circumstances at the end.



Rem’s case is as the old adage goes, “Nice guys finish last.” An unfortunate case as Rem is such a great girl. I enjoyed her character a lot in this series and I wanted to point out all the things that made her such a respectable character in my eyes.

Family First


Growing up as a twin was not the easiest for Rem. Her sister Ram is the older of the two and was the more talented demon with powers as they were growing up. Although it was depicted that Rem held some resentment her sister for being the favored daughter and felt somewhat inferior to her, she ultimately gave up on these negative feelings after Ram lost her demon horn on one night. While she felt bad for Ram, she also felt relieved that the comparisons would stop. However, she also feels that it’s her fault Ram lost her horn, which is why she remains obedient to Ram. In the long run she has a deep respect for her sister as she believes that Ram will always be the better of the duo no matter what.

Bad-Ass in Her Own Right


Due to their demon bloodline, the twins both at one point were born with a single horn. After one fateful night Ram lost her horn to the Witch cult. Ram lost most, if not all, of her powers when she lost her horn, so there are still some things that Rem can do more than Ram. The demon blood line boosts her physicality for battle, and her weapon of choice is a Morningstar. She’s pretty bad ass in that she can take on multiple opponents at a time rather flawlessly.

Fiercely Protective/ Loyal


Due to her guilt of Ram’s loss she’s incredibly loyal to her sister to the point of submissiveness. Because of this I feel like Rem is protective of her sister as well, since she knows her sister is slightly weaker than she is. Her loyalty becomes extended to Subaru later on after he earns her trust and respect, which ultimately becomes love. Not only does she become loyal to Subaru. but she comes quite protective of in him in the process, to the point she ends up dying these incredibly gruesome deaths.

Unabashed Devotion to Love


Rem is best girl to me because of her devotion to Subaru. While he is not among my favorite protagonists I cannot fault her for seeing the best in him. When he was doubting himself and asked Rem to runaway with him, and she gave him a seemingly bold confession of how she’d support him no matter what situation he was in, to me was just an incredibly beautiful moment. Even if her feelings were not reciprocated she can still be by his side supporting him, and that takes a lot of mental strength. For her to be happy for him and root for him as he chases another girl, well, if that isn’t unconditional love, then I don’t know what is.

I don’t think I can ever forgive Subaru for declining such a beautiful confession, he done messed up. I know, I know, in the end they come to an agreement that Subaru’s feelings for Emilia will never change even if he were to run away from it all, but still. Not only did he reject Rem, but he used bits and pieces of her confession in his confession to Emilia. Ugh, yeah, Subaru just doesn’t win in my book. #sorrynotsorry.

That wraps up WCW. I know its been a realllyyy long time since I last did one of these! But I hope you look forward to seeing it when they actually do get posted! 🙂

What were your thoughts on Re:Zero? Have you seen it? Who did you like more? Rem, Ram or Emilia? Thoughts on Subaru? I’m not sure I’ll ever get around to writing a review on the series, but I’m always up for discussion! 🙂

3 thoughts on “Nice Girls Finish Last: Rem

  1. I couldn’t get in to Re:Zero. The main character drove me crazy during the first episode and I just couldn’t finish it. While reading reviews of it (while it was airing) I kept thinking I might go back and try it, but ultimately I know I just can’t stand the protagonist so I’m just avoiding it.

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    1. I don’t blame you at all. I really wanted to drop it – even when I don’t drop shows. I just need to know how things end! (>_<) But in the end I really couldn't stand the protagonist. Especially when it came to Emilia and Rem – I was not cool with how he dealt with Rem's confession. That was just the icing on the cake for me. LOL just thinking about that scene really riles me up!

      Thanks for reading Karandi! 🙂

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      1. I don’t think I got in far enough to care what happened because I was still just hating the main character when I dropped it. I think if I’d pushed through a couple of episodes, I would have had to keep watching but I probably would have regretted not letting it drop.

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