Twittering Birds: Doumeki & Yashiro

Sooo, this was bound to happen– My first legitimate BL post. This time I’m not just featuring a character, but the couple themselves. I’m still a semi-novice to the BL scene, and I still have a lot to learn about the different kinds out there. While there is the cute and fluffy type love (Shounen AI) there’s also the more sex-driven side (Yaoi). I actually enjoy the broad spectrum that BL has to offer, and have recognized the pro’s and con’s of this genre. While a lot of it can be disturbing (with the themes and tones of violence and rape) there’s also the feel good kinds of love.


I had intended this to be a list of my favorite canon couples; but decided, I really just want to write about my favorite couple: Yashiro & Doumeki. I think most people I talk to daily (Naja and Mel) would confirm that I’m utterly obsessed with this one. Saezuru Tori Wa Habatakanai, also known as Twittering Birds Never Fly is a Boys Love manga from Koneda You. It’s also one of the manga’s I own physical copies of and I’m so obsessed that I’ve read these multiple times over and over trying to glean more into the complicated relationship that is evolving between the duo. The manga follows Yashiro, a member of the Yakuza, and is very much a promiscuous masochist, and his subordinate Doumeki, an impotent ex-cop that landed in the Yakuza because he needed a job and also because of an ulterior motive: Yashiro. These two are incompatible, but it works! So, what makes me a fan of this particular pair?

Doumeki’s Loyalty to Yashiro


I’ve featured Doumeki in his very own MCM, found here. The moment he saw Yashiro he was drawn to him. He figured if someone this beautiful can exist within Yakuza, then being apart of the Yakuza can’t be entirely bad. Doumeki’s drawn to Yashiro and does everything he can in order for him to stay by his side; even if it means having to lie about the one thing that allowed him to get close to Yashiro at first. While he witnesses and acknowledges Yashiro’s twisted side of being a sexually driven masochist that sleeps around. He starts to feel the selfish need to monopolize Yashiro once he realizes his feelings can’t be contained anymore. He wants to be the one person that Yashiro wants.

Yashiro’s Internal Struggle


Yashiro has several internal struggles that he’s dealing with. First, he has a  determination for self-preservation which acts as more of a defense mechanism. He attributes a lot of his behavior due to his abuse as a child. His step-father abused him until he got too old, so Yashiro started to looked to fulfill that emptiness by taking on older lovers. In high school, he had someone that considered him a friend which ended up turning into an unrequited love for Yashiro. It was just a line he could never bring himself to cross. But was it out of fear of rejection because it was his only friend? Or did he feel like he wasn’t worthy to be loved? The other internal struggle he has is the fact that he’s yakuza. A life shrouded in darkness in a pit that’s hard to climb out of. For someone that dives further into the higher ranked positions of the Yakuza, Yashiro knows that no good can actually come out of where he’s headed. It’s better to not get involved with anyone. are all factors as to why he believes he’s better off not being attached.

Slow Burn

Yashiro stealing a kiss from a sleeping Doumeki

Spoilers ahead!

The slow burn of a love story is so very real in this. It begs the reader to wonder if there will be a happy ending to this; especially with a title such as Twittering Birds Never Fly. Doumeki and Yashiro are on opposite ends of the spectrums when it comes to romance. Doumeki has always been forthcoming about how he feels for Yashiro, despite his efforts to hide it at the beginning, later expressing a type of possessiveness over his superior, as he doesn’t want Yashiro to sleep around anymore. Whereas Yashiro struggles with self-preservation as a way to protect himself from being emotionally compromised, or attached. With the duality of the two characters, is there a way for them to reach an understanding between one another?


Yashiro, as of late, is starting to become aware of the importance of Doumeki’s presence in his life. Now that he’s starting to become aware of this, the more he wants to push Doumeki away. Again, I wonder if it’s because he’s not worthy, if he’s afraid of being hurt, or is it to protect his subordinate from succumbing further into the dark world of the Yakuza. After a certain event, Yashiro has a bit of a breakdown and let’s his mask slip as he exposes an incredibly vulnerable side to him. As he watches this unfold before him, Doumeki swoops in an effort to comfort him and take advantage of the situation to really express how much he’s in love with Yashiro, asking Yashiro to not run away. *swoon*

Unfortunately, this is an ongoing manga, which currently leaves us in limbo as to the state of their relationship.

Doumeki cherishing Yashiro

I love this pairing  because of the dynamics between these two. Doumeki’s drive and passion and yearning to treat Yashiro with the utmost care he deserves appeals to me. Who doesn’t want a tall handsome man fawning over you and wanting to protect you and cherish you the way he does? I also find value in the struggle that Yashiro faces because of the conflicted feelings he has towards Doumeki, the push and pull of wanting it but not sure if it’s worth the risk. Because on some level I can relate. It’s hard to lower your guard and let someone in, especially when you’ve been hurt countless times. Is this part of his self-preservation or is he trying to spare Doumeki from the harsh reality that is the underworld? I really hope to get a good ending out of this. I want their love story to flourish somehow, someway.

That wraps up this week’s MCM! Have you read Twittering Birds? What do you love about Doumeki or Yashiro as a pair or as individuals? Let me know in the comments below!

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