5 Male Gunslingers that Have Their Target in Sight

Happy Monday! I love my fair share of action anime’s and of course the flashiness of a gun fight are really exciting to watch! With that being said, this week I bring you my top 5 Gunslinging men!

5. Emiya Kiritsugu (Fate/Zero)

Kiritsugu is the main protagonist of Fate/Zero and has a minor role in Fate/Stay Night as Shirou Emiya’s adoptive Father. He’s known as The Magus Killer as he hunted down heretical magi around the world. He was trained in assassination, tracking and is proficient with all types of weaponry.

4. Death the Kid (Soul Eater)

The child of Death and the meister of two demon guns; Death the Kid is a really quirky character. He’s a bit of a perfectionist – well a bit would be putting it lightly. He’s close to being OCD about things being symmetrical, obsessed with orderliness and pays too much close attention to detail. When shown something asymmetrical he has a pretty physical response-almost to the point of vomiting and increases his aggressiveness in battle.

3. Nicholas D. Wolfwood (Trigun)

Wolfwood is Vash’s companion for most of the anime, and while they butted heads at first over their ideals, he eventually accepted Vash’s ideals of non-killing. Wolfwood had a bit of a trouble past as he was abused by his guardian whom he ends up shooting and killing. A man by the name of “Chapel the Evergreen” takes him in and trains him to become his successor. His sole purpose in life is to provide for a orphanage that he runs as a way to prevent them from suffering the kind of childhood he had growing up.

2. Odasaku – Oda Sakunosuke (Bungou Stray Dogs)

Odasaku was a great character in the series Bungo Stray Dogs. It was a shame this role isn’t ongoing but obviously done for the sake of the story. Odasaku is an assassin for hire for the Port Mafia, and is actually quite a bit of an oddball in the group as he doesn’t strive for violence and killing in comparison to others.

He’s a skilled gunman, but he prefers not to have to use his gun. He’s also another person that is against violence (see my number one choice), and tries to resolve issues without it. However, combined with his ability Flawless, which allows him to see 5-6 seconds in the future, makes him almost an invincible gunman. He refuses to take a life as he believes that it would take away his right to be a novelist because “to write a novel is to write about humans.”

1. Vash the Stampede (Trigun)

I considered not putting Vash since I’ve used him on several lists, but you know, it wouldn’t make sense to omit him; especially since you all know he’s my absolute favorite. Vash as we know, is an expert gunman with quick reflexes and the ability to think just as fast when in a pinch. He’s also a huge believer in love and peace – and just as much as he’s a skilled shooter, he’s also skilled at disarming his enemies without killing them.

Did any of my favorites make your list? I know a few classics are missing (i.e. Spike – Cowboy Bebop – but I’ve yet to see this anime!) Who would be on yours? Let me know in the comments below! ❤

12 thoughts on “5 Male Gunslingers that Have Their Target in Sight

    1. LOL I wouldn’t be a true fangirl if I didn’t plaster him everywhere right?

      Also, I thought about Kougami! BUT, does the Dominator count? Also, he’s definitely more well versed in hand-to-hand combat too…ah, you’re making me doubt myself man. Hahaha!

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          1. The Finger (how the incident shall be referred to henceforth) is doing better, so all is well.

            But why miss us? Kimmie is on twitter all the time and even I check once in a while. Chat us up!

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          2. Okay will do! I just haven’t been on twitter too much lately *sigh* haha social media-ing is overwhelming – but I’ll definitely send you messages! 🙂 I chat with Kimmie from time to time!


  1. Great list. It was great to see Tri-gun featured in this again. I have so many fond memories of this series. It kind of puts me into the mood to rewatch this, if I did not have so many other shows on my list I have yet to watch lol 😂😂 I do agre with weekend Otaku, Kougami should also be on this list 😀


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