10 Swordsmen That are a Cut Above the Rest

Good afternoon everyone! Today’s MCM features my Top 10 Swordsmen. Granted,  I’m pretty sure I’m missing a ton of really good swordsmen that are ultimate classics, but you’ll have to forgive me as I have yet to have seen them! (Ex: Ruroni Kenshin, Bleach). So let’s start the countdown to my ultimate swordsmen!

10. King Bradley (Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood)


King Bradley’s speed with the blade is incredible, but his overall characterization wasn’t my absolute favorite when it comes to swordsman.

9. Izuminokami Kanesada (Touken Ranbu)


Kanesada is the newest addition to my list of anime crushes, since he’s in the latest Katsugeki/Touken Ranbu. All my lists are based on anime’s I’ve completed and seen in it’s entirety. Granted that Katsugeki is new, he was in 2016’s Touken Ranbu Hanamaru, which I wanted to get a feel for the characters. What I especially love about Touken Ranbu is the callback to actual objects and history. I’m a pretty big history buff, so I love to research the actual swords. Kanesada is the anthropomorphic version of the blade that Hijikata Toshizo carried when part of the shinsengumi.

8. “Kirito” Kazuto Kirigaya  (Sword Art Online)

I have a love/hate relationship with Kirito. Sometime’s he’s just too much, but sometimes you can’t help but root for the guy. My favorite version of Kirito so far is the GGO version (granted people absolutely think that Season 2 was sh*t), but I couldn’t help but really like that he dual wielded with a sword (light saber) while also holding a gun. Overall, I think his dual weilding skill in SAO is pretty cool, and I love the color schemes of both his swords: black and teal. It’s my favorite color combination.

7. Okumura, Rin (Blue Exorcist)

There was a point in my life where I binge watched what anime’s Netflix had to offer and Blue Exorcist was one of them. Rin isn’t necessarily the most skilled swordsman, but I personally just love him for his other traits. In true shonen form of the protagonist, Rin is fiercely protective and supportive to those who mean anything to him and that’s where a lot of his strength comes from. He had kind of a bit of a tragic beginning as what happens with his adoptive father, but despite what’s happened you can tell he really loved and respected him.

6. Yatogami, Kurou (K Project)

K-Project is visually stunning, well at least to me. Kurou is one of my favorite characters on K just because he’s such a serious guy and has his own sense of heroism and justice that he adheres too. He’s often one of the more serious characters and obviously handles his sword really well.

5. Guts (Berserk)

I got into the most recent adaptations of Berserk, and I know that the 2016-2017 animation is really weird and inconsistent, but despite that Guts is an interesting character. Guts, is also nicknamed “The Black Swordsman” like our beloved Kirito. However I find Guts to be the more menacing of the two; he carries around a humongous black sword and he has also a black metal prosthetic left arm. He swings this massive blade around like it’s light as a feather, but no normal human could carry something like that.

4. Shimazu, Toyohisa (Drifters)

Much like Kanesada and Mikazuki, Toyohisa is a fairly new character to the anime game; but like many of the men listed here, he has a strong historical ties. In the anime Drifters, Toyohisa is depicted to be very hot headed character that often acts before he thinks. But underneath all that is a very intelligent commander that knows what he’s doing. He also has his own sense of justice; especially when it comes to helping the weak and also when it comes to violence against women.

3. Okita, Souji (Hakuoki)

Okita was my first completed route in Hakuoki, so he has a special place in my heart. Okita’s ending was really bittersweet; and I have a feeling the localized version changed his ending slightly which is kind of annoying but also really sad. I’m a bit conflicted by his ending. Like I said, it was really really bittersweet. Okita is a prominent figure historically and is also mentioned a lot in Touken Ranbu. Okita has a bit of a sarcastic nature and odd sense of humor, but he’s a rather charming person in spite of all that. He’s also a character you interact with quite a bit in Hakuoki.

2. Saito, Hajime (Hakuoki)

Saito is best boy in Hakuoki! (I still have Hijikata and Harada to finish in the original before I start Kyoto Winds) The first otome route in which I cried tears of joy. The ending was so sweet compared to that of Okita. Saito is like my ideal otome boy. Stoic, the silent yet strong type. At first he’s quite cold to the heroine, Chizuru, but as the game progresses he starts to open up and trust you and eventually falls for you. Seriously though, that ending. Best Hakuoki ending (so far – don’t kill me shoujouthoughts!)

1. Munechika Mikazuki (Touken Ranbu)

There are no words for my obsession with Mikazuki. Seriously, I have every nendo of him ever, and a few figures (one on the way), a plushie, several keychains, and an acrylic stand. The only thing missing is the figma. But I don’t think I need that (lol). Another one of the Toudan, he is my absolute favorite. If there was one character I had to name as the most beautiful, it would be Mikazuki. From the moment I saw his nendoroids and figures I was stunned by handsome yet delicate he seemed. When he appeared on Hanamaru I loved his calm demeanor, his friendly and kind personality, yet fierceness as a warrior. I absolutely love everything about him aesthetically. His light blue eyes, and pale almost translucent skin. His traditional clothes and his headpiece. He has both masculine yet feminine qualities which makes him rather androgynous.

Mikzauki is a beautifully designed character for a reason. Mikazuki is one of the 5 Great Swords of Japan, and is considered to be one of the most beautiful swords ever created due to his crescent-moon shaped (translated to “mikazuki”) pattern formed on the blade itself. Okay, I’ll stop fangirling over him…for now…*muahahah*

Who are your favorite swordsmen? Did any of them make my list?

15 thoughts on “10 Swordsmen That are a Cut Above the Rest

  1. Yep, he certainly did. Being a huge Sword Art Online fan, my choice probably won;t be a very big surprise : it is ofcourse Kirito. As I haven’t seen most of the anime featured in this list ( I know shame on me lol), maybe my mind will be changed after I have seen a couple of the others in action 😊 Anyway this was a great post as always ! 😀

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    1. LOL it’s okay, I’m missing some really popular swordsmen on this list since I haven’t seen many! If I had to recommend one from the list, it would probably be Drifters. Its a neat concept – if you don’t mind dark and bloody anime’s. lol. Hakuoki has an anime, but I haven’t seen it yet – just played the game. Touken Ranbu has an anime airing right now, but I don’t really recommend hanamaru from winter 2016. the adaptation of berserk is kinda questionable and yes to full metal alchemist is a must see!

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  2. Kanesada was Hijikata’s sword? No wonder he’s so strong 😀

    I’m watching Touken Ranbu this season but I didn’t get through Hanmaru last season. Feeling more and more like I should go back.

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    1. Honestly you’re not missing much by not finishing hanamaru; I watched it to see all the characters, but there’s so many introduced in that one season I already forgot Kanesada was there!

      And yes he was Hijikatas main sword and then in katsugeki the other sword that’s his partner was also hijikatas blade. And it’s said that the two are similarly designed on the show because they were from the same blacksmith to almost be a brother to kanesada. I have so much fun reading up on the trivia of the Toudan! Don’t get me started weekend!!!

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  3. Okita’s route was also my first, and it’s still my favorite in Hakuoki. Saito’s route I think really improves with all the fandisk scenes, and he moved up from the middle of the list toward the top.

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    Kanesada is beautiful and loveable, but I lovelovelove Mikazuki, too, for the very same reasons! But I don’t have any merch of him because I’m a poor creature. ;u;

    I knew him because of the stage and musical plays (well, just the DVD copies because, again, I’m a poor creature who doesn’t have money to fly to Japan). I initially decided to watch it because of certain actors I love, but I loved the stories as well. So sad that I can’t play the game though I’ve tried. (I don’t have VPN and though I tried to follow the ways to bypass the region-lock, it still fails and I’m just not in the mood to be persistent about it.)

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    1. LOL I don’t know how you missed such a wonderful post ;D haha not to toot my own horn. BUT, I love my swordsmen the most of all weapon wielders!!

      I only know Mikazuki because of his figures, and then saw him on Hanamaru and was a freaking goner. Ah, my pocket’s are crying because I’m collecting merch. *sigh* so don’t be sad about not collecting! it’s a double edged sword really. lol

      Ah I wish there was a way we could play the game – in English preferably. lol.

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