Three Bloggers Flow As One Collaboration

Check out the collaboration I did with Lita & Scott (mechanimereviews) in regards to the anime ” The Vision of Escaflowne”!


One goal of this year was to do more blogger collaborations, mentioning in a post not remember which one. The odds of timing when two bloggers I know began watching a series that is my favourite anime…. like ever.

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4 thoughts on “Three Bloggers Flow As One Collaboration

  1. I noticed that you found the dub to be a little off-putting. It’s definitely a strange experience to jump into late ’90’s/early 2000’s anime series. The animation is wildly different and the dubs are, too. The VA’s were fare more influenced by American animation at the time, and I think they were generally more creative in their approaches as well. Entirely different experience. I enjoyed both the dub and the sub for Escaflowne (you couldn’t pick and choose what you were watching back then – I would watch one episode in dub and the next in sub!), but if you do get the change to watch it subtitled, I think you’ll enjoy it, particularly because Hitomi is voiced by a young Maaya Sakamoto, who is one of my favorite VA’s in addition to being a wonderful singer.

    As I write this, I realize that maybe you watched the FUNi dub with Caitlin Glass (who is an amazing person btw) as Hitomi – I have not watched that dub and can’t comment on it!


    1. Hi hi, thanks for commenting! πŸ™‚ It was only a little off-putting because I’m not used to watching things dubbed. That totally makes me sound like I’m some anime-elitist snob, but I swear that’s not me at all!! The 90’s dub’s were definitely different. I grew up on dubbed sailor moon and pokemon, and I know sailor moon content was kind of changed to be more American.

      I found out that Escaflowne is now available subbed, and I’ll probably get back to it now that it’s become available. πŸ™‚ When I was commenting on hitomi being annoying and van being bratty it was more their personalities/attitudes in the beginning than it was a comment on the voice acting. Escaflowne was such a good show. I still feel jilted by that ending though, as I really began to love Van in the second half of the series!! πŸ™‚

      Thanks again for taking the time to comment! πŸ™‚

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