[ED]: Styx Helix|Sunday Salutations

Good afternoon everyone!! I’m back with another song and a quick update on what’s going on in my life (for those of you interested). If not you can skip over the following section and head straight for the featured song for the week.

This week was an interesting one to say the least. It was a mix of having some downtime one minute to extreme stress the next.  It was odd because the boss I work under was trying to wrap some projects up to a point where there wouldn’t be any fires to put out next week while she was out on vacation. It really was for our benefit. Thursday afternoon she held a meeting with me and the managing principal of the firm and of our particular project to give us the rundown of project statuses and what I should be working on while she’s away. That meeting went fairly smoothly, but the principal was concerned that I didn’t have a lot of questions regarding what was discussed. I told him that I didn’t have any currently but would be sure to address them before she left for the week.

One major task that was left to me in her absence was that since we didn’t finish some of the drawings by Thursday for her to submit to the city, due to me having to leave early to teach class, I had to deliver the drawings myself to the city on Friday morning. That went really smoothly, and I took the intern with me to deliver the plans because we have 4 sets with each having 200 pages at 30″x42″ – they were massive. So I had him there to help me lug them around. When we got back to the office, I had been waiting for drawings from a consultant to come in, so I could update my 3D model to submit for the entire team to view online. But they never sent anything. Our office works half days on Friday. It was 11:30AM by the time I decided to ask the managing principal if I should continue to upload or wait till they send something. He suggested I reach out to the consultant to see if they could send anything and if he couldn’t get anything to me I would not submit anything. Just my luck though, that consultant was ready to go and sent me stuff at 11:45AM. *sigh* backchecking and file clean up had to be done – I knew I wasn’t going to be leaving on time. I left at 1pm and was the last designer still in the office alongside my managing principal.

Title: “Styx Helix” | Artist: Myth & Roid | Show: Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World-

This weekend was probably the first weekend in awhile where I was able to sit down and just watch some anime. I checked out the new Touken Ranbu by Ufotable that luckily was on Crunchyroll, while I lamented the loss of other titles that were procured by AnimeStrike. *sigh* But I won’t dive into the dismay that I feel over that.  After I was able to watch Toulon Ranbu, my cousin and I decided it was time to finish Re:Zero. Hence why the song chosen was Styx Helix. I actually really like this song and listen to Ama Lee’s version pretty often on Spotify.

I had put Re:Zero on hold for quite a few months. I just wasn’t a fan of it 10 episodes in. But I knew it needed to be completed since I don’t drop shows and my cousin was completely in love with it.  I’ll try to have a review of it now that I’ve finished, but if that doesn’t happen let me just say a few things about it. As much as I’ve heard this was a great anime and how relatively high it’s rating was on MAL, I had a hard time relating to the protagonist, Suburu. I don’t know what it was, I just thought he was trying way too hard to impress Emilia and do things for her sake. In the end it had been more about himself than Emilia and he tries to fix that. But just…ugh. I couldn’t stand his whiny, constant yelling. And on top of that he made some choices that just didn’t sit well with me.  The only saving grace for me was watching Rem; seriously the best girl of this anime. Those were the two main things I just wanted to say about this anime at this moment.

What did you guys think of Re:Zero? We’re you guys fans? Do you think I may have missed something? I’d love to hear your thoughts/arguments on why I may have possibly misjudged this anime. I’m open to opinions! 🙂 Till next time! Have a great week guys!

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