The Foil of the Goddess of the 104th: Historia

It’s Wednesday y’all! I’m here with a pretty awesome WCW to get you through hump day!

Krista-Chara_DesignNow as you guys know by now, outside of my love for the sports genre I’m a pretty avid follower to the fandom that is Attack on Titan. In a previous WCW I featured Ymir; and that went into heavy spoiler territory. However, now with Season 2 under our belts, I thought it would be appropriate to feature this AoT character.

So without further ado, let’s talk about The Foil of the Goddess of the 104th: Historia.

When we first met Historia, she went by the name of Christa Lenz. A beautiful petite blonde girl with the kindest nature and personality; so much so that she’s labeled “goddess” by many of the men in the 104th. However, Christa’s true nature hides behind a façade. As I’ve said before these two are actually foils of one another; Christa’s friendly façade is really Ymir’s true personality, and Christa’s nature is actually the cold loner that Ymir pretends to be. Christa has been known to place herself in dangerous situations despite her meek nature. Ymir has called her out on her somewhat fake kindess because she’s wants to be seen as a “good person”. Ymir has also accused her of wanting to die a hero as seen on the Historia episode when she’s trying to save Daz even if it means putting her own life on the line. These rash actions of Historia deal with her backstory; all she wants is to be cared about and recognized.

Again, let me reiterate that I love the dynamic between Historia and Ymir. Previously, I mentioned before that they’re like soulmates; they’re understanding of another and their trust in their bonds have added another layer of complexity to the story as we now know who Ymir really is, and Historia’s true self is about to be unfolded.

Historia’s past is still a mystery in the season 2 of Attack on Titan; but we know for sure that she’s an illegitimate child of a nobleman and was forced to change her name and distance herself from the family if she wanted to live. Historia is on the brink of becoming a crucial piece of the puzzle. Warning: this will heads into spoiler territory past the episode of season 2 that revealed Christa’s true identity. So, proceed with caution after the break!

Historia’s father is actually Rod Reiss, the current King. Historia is also the last living relative of the Reiss royal family. Growing up she was raised in total isolation on one of the Reiss’ family estates. Her isolation extended further than just the neighboring kids around the estate, but also isolation from her own Mother. Her mother only looked upon her with disdain and openly has told Historia she was a mistake and that she should’ve killed her when she was born. Growing up, Historia only had one friend that would sneak around and spend time with her; little to her knowledge this person was her half sister Frieda. This total isolation and mistreatment is the reason why she tries to appease many of the cadets with being friendly with them, and also incurs Historia’s suicidal tendencies (sacrificing herself for honor, willingness to die). Shortly on the estate; her Mother is killed in front of her eyes and then forced to change her name, which causes her to enlist into the military as she now has no where else to go.

Upon being given the name Christa; she decided to use this as an opportunity to create a persona that was influenced by Frieda. Frieda encouraged Historia’s personal development, like reading and what it means to be more lady-like. Frieda had hope that Historia would become a kind person loved by all. Christa projected all the things that Historia could not because her true self was inherently void of any real emotions due to her neglect and mistreatment as a child. Due to all of this, Historia has a lack of identity and is easily influenced by those around her, again probably to appease her companions since her social interaction was very limited.

Historia’s true face

After the clash of titans arc (where season 2 ends) Ymir will abandon Historia causing the latter to suffer emotional distress. Historia becomes disinterested and reveals that while Christa was very kind and cared deeply for everyone, Historia is empty. Eren let’s her know that he much rather prefers Historia to Christa as she seems to be more genuine in that regard while Christa came off as a little “creepy”.

With the prolonged absence of Ymir and one another promising that they would live their lives for themselves; Historia will learn to believe in herself and stand on her own two feet. Her Father will come for her again, to be the next in line, but he will task her with deciding whether Eren will live or die. This is a major turning point for Historia as she’ll reject her Father, reclaim her independence and save Eren, someone she can finally call a friend, as he is the first person that said that liked and accepted Historia for who she truly is.

Overall, I like Historia. She’s had it really rough, but she still persevered and eventually found her own path in life.  Granted it took her a few traumatic events, but she’s a mentally strong and capable character.  I relate to her because she looks for acceptance and tries to please those in order to feel accepted. I did that a lot in my younger years; I don’t do that much these days because it’s just too much work. Like Historia we all try to find ourselves and what motivates us and drives us. I’m looking forward to see what else Historia can contribute to the story moving forward and what lies ahead between Ymir and her.

That just about wraps up this WCW. What do you guys think of Historia?

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  1. I adore Historia! I think she is so cute and innocent, yet she tries incredibly hard for those she cares about! I just got done with AoT2 and loved the ending! Cant wait for the next season now 😀

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