Top 5 Blindingly Handsome White Haired Men

Happy Monday! This week I’m back to creating a list. This week I’m bringing you my personal take on my Top 5 Blindingly Handsome White Haired Men. White is often associated with  purity, innocence, light and perfection but these men are more devilishly handsome than pure, and definitely not innocent, but they are pretty close to perfection.

5. DECIM (Death Parade)


Decim was such a cool character on Death Parade. Of the arbiters, Decim feels bad about one of his misjudgments due to the influence of having Chiyuki around. He starts to understand human emotion a bit more over the course of the series.



Yashiro Isana is an unfortunate bystander in the K-project. A normal teenager that was just living his high-school life, was drawn into the world of the colored kings. The history is complex, but just know that Adolf Weismann and Yashiro are one in the same due to circumstances. Although, Adolf Weismann’s true form is really gray/silver hair (so you may see him again in the future!)


3. KOKKURI-SAN (Gugure! Kokkuri-san)




Kokkuri-san was one of the first few anime’s that brought me back into the fray (alongside Your Lie in April). Kokkuri-san is a ghost that follows around a little girl that proclaims herself to be a doll that lives completely off of cup ramen. He had originally planned to haunt the girl, but instead ended up worrying about her and doting on her like a parent would – taking up chores and making sure she’s eating well. I was drawn to him because he’s just so handsome! And then when he transfers into his animal form, he’s just the cutest fox you want to grab and squish because he looks so fluffy! Also, you gotta love that he’s the same actor as Shintaro Midorima !


2. GIN (Hotarubi no Mori E)


Okay, pause for a second. Have you seen Hotarubi no Mori E? If not, I need you to watch this one ASAP. The wonderful Naja introduced me to this one and I haven’t exactly been the same since. It was a beautiful 45 minute film. I questioned how attached or how could such a short film grip my emotions. I’m a fairly emotional person when I watch anything, so I had expected the waterworks; but I didn’t anticipate such heavy waterworks to occur. I bawled at the end of it. Gin was just such a perfect character, so sweet and caring.


1. ARCHER (Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works)

Yeah, Archer should be no surprise. I’ve talked about UBW a lot on this blog and even featured him and Shirou in one of my OWLS posts found here. Archer is just such a cool character. Tall, dark and handsome; however sometimes I have a hard time understanding what allowed his skin to change color – I think its related to his magical use. He’s also a cynic sarcastic character, just like I like them. His backstory in becoming Archer is complicated but intriguing in the world of UBW; he’s a mix of a good guy then turned bad guy. But in the end I think he strives to be the hero that he always dreams to be. He’s definitely a complicated one, but he’s my absolute favorite from the fate series.

That wraps up this week’s MCM! Who would be in your top list of white-haired male characters? Let me know in the comments below! 🙂

26 thoughts on “Top 5 Blindingly Handsome White Haired Men

  1. I haven’t watched the four anime series, but I do love Hotarubi no Mori e and yes, it’s a must watch especially by those who love romance/supernatural fans. Gin is so loveable!
    Aside from Gin, my list would compose of Zen Wistalia, Allen Walker, Killua Zoldyck, Tomoe, and Sakata Gintoki. 😀

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    1. D: I haven’t watched a lot of Gintama yet to have him considered! I haven’t seen those anime’s either! is tomoe from kamisama? Is that a romance? I need to up my game in the romance/shojo genre. I’m stuck in shonen!!!

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      1. Gintama is definitely worth watching! 😀 Those are Akagami no Shirayukihime, D.Gray-man, Hunter x Hunter, Kamisama Hajimemashita, and Gintama, respectively. Yes, Tomoe’s the one from KamiHaji and it’s a cute romance/supernatural show that you should check out, too. 😀 Hahaha! But shounen is loooved. Lately, I haven’t watched much shoujo, too. In my case, I’m just enjoying more thrills and bishounen characters to look at. lol


    1. Of course I included Decim! ❤ he is great! He really grew on me throughout the show.

      Yes, I've heard snow white with the red hair loud and clear! I'll probably do an episodic review of it just cuz you guys suggested it!


  2. Ooo nice list! Decim and Archer are two of my favourite white haired males so I’m glad they made the list! But Zen and Makishima would definitely have been nice additions 🙂

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