Sunday Salutations | [OP]: Spell

Good Afternoon everyone! I hope everyone had another great week.  It was a bit of a warm week for us here in the Bay Area this weekend. I’m melting from the heat!


Okay as you know, last week’s check in was a mini-rant about how worried I was about the Golden State Warriors winning the championship this year. Could they repeat another win? Would the be at the mercy of becoming another internet meme for blowing another 3-1 lead?

Well, as you may or may not have seen, the hometeam won in Game 5 on Monday. It wasn’t the perfect sweep, but boy was it still a sweet victory. For the team to be able to bring it home, was really special. And since Monday, I’ve been basking in the excitement of this win!


In 2015, when they won the first championship in this three year run in the finals, I went to the parade. Unfortunately, this year I missed out on the parade. Things were a bit up in the air at work, and I hesitated asking my bosses to give me half the day at least to go to the parade. Alas, I should’ve just sucked it up and asked because it turns out, they had half-expected that I would go to the Warriors parade. Lesson learned, just ask. It really doesn’t hurt to ask.

With the Warriors dominating the NBA at the moment, and their momentum slowly building. We can see the rise of a dynasty in the Warriors, a team winning multiple championships within the next few years. They really are the one of best teams making waves and making history. They’re a highly debateable team – they’re loved and hated, and often times labeled as the “super villains” of basketball. But they are the most selfless team there is in the league. They don’t care about the superstar status; they care about the team and what each individual can do for the team.

We saw Klay Thompson (one of my faves) take a backseat and sacrifice his position as a shooter and switch to defense. But he doesn’t think of it as a sacrifice, because at the end of the day, that contribution helped the team tremendously and in effect help with the championship.

But I digress, I will save my basketball rant about the warriors for yet another basketball post in the near-coming future, because now that the season is officially over. I can finish this post that I’ve been planning for quite some time.


Title: “Spell” | Artist: Lama | Show: NO. 6

This week’s song of the week comes from the anime No.6. I just started this one right after I had finished Kids on the Slope. It’s been on my list for awhile, and since it’s fairly short I decided to start it. The song is pretty catchy, and since I’ve been watching it this week, it felt right to feature it.  But if also gives me some Gravitation vibes in this opening.  Gravitation is another anime that’s of the BL genre, that I watched off and on a few months ago.

If you’ve seen my twitter, you’ll probably have noticed I started a new stream of tweets for “architecture in anime” where I point out buildings from anime. It’s actually nothing based on real architecture but I wanted to start calling attention to the buildings in anime. I think it’s a fun stream if I can get to it more frequently.

So far No.6 is an interesting story, because it seems that the urban landscape of Attack on Titan‘s world and the world of Psycho-pass, is quite similar and actually of mix of the two. So it already has me intrigued in that sense. I’ll probably write my final thoughts on it when I finish it.

Anyways, this week has been mostly filled with me researching and reading up on the Warriors championship and what their future holds for them as 10 of their players are up for “unrestricted free agency”, meaning, they’re contracts with the Warriors are over and they can just about sign with any team they want. I personally hope a lot of the team stays together for the next few seasons – they have really great chemistry right now!

So what’s new with my fellow bloggers and friends? Did you guys have a great week? Was there something that you were completely obsessed with or engrossed with over the last week? I’d love to hear what you’ve been up to in the comments below! 🙂

Have a great week everyone! 🙂


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