Dragon Slayer: Natsu Dragneel

Good afternoon Ladies and Gents! It’s that time of the week! I’m here with another Man Crush Monday! This week’s feature is a leading Pink Haired Male. I don’t know many characters with Pink Hair that are guys, except one that fits the bill. He hails from the town of Magnolia on the anime Fairy Tail. That’s right! I’m talk about none other than: Natsu Dragneel.


Natsu is a Dragon Slayer, a person that uses Dragon Slayer Magic. Natsu has the magic of fire that was taught to him by a dragon named Igneel, whom he claims is his Father. One day Igneel, and other dragons disappear from the world, and it becomes Natsu’s lifelong mission to find out where his Father has disappeared to. Okay, so Natsu is your typical shounen character; loud, too energetic, and can be borderline annoying. But, he still has a number of admirable traits about him.

Protect Your Friends


Natsu is an incredibly loyal friend. He holds the members of Fairy Tail in high regard and considers them to be family. He’s one of their fiercest protectors and will often times resort to drastic measures to ensure their safety. An example of this would be when he saves Erza from Jellal (who has been brainwashed) he ingests some “Etherion” to power up since there is no fire around for him to ingest to give him the power he needs to save Erza and beat Jellal. Etherion should’ve killed Natsu, but obviously it didn’t. lol.

Never Give Up


Natsu’s vocabulary doesn’t include “giving up”. That doesn’t mean to say he doesn’t know what it means to lose, but rather he’ll do what ever he can to his best abilities to ensure a victory. He’ll take a loss for what it is; and learn his lesson’s from it meaning he takes it as a cue that he needs to train harder to get stronger. While “never give up” may be defined in a physical sense he also believes in it in a more “spiritual” sense. Take his friends for example, he never stops believing in their abilities to overcome their own battles, and fully supports them whatever their cause. He even instigates fights with the closest of friends because not only does he view them as his equal, but also helps create a sense of friendly rivalry to get each other pumped. This is especially seen with guildmate Gray.

Overwhelming Positivity


Though it happens rarely, he can be quite compassionate to his enemies if he feels so moved. But for the most part, Natsu doesn’t harbor ill feelings towards anyone for too long.  At first he’s shown to hold a grudge against Jellal, but over time he let’s go of it and actually considers him to be a friend. On top of that Natsu is always shown to have been a positive influence on those around him. He influences Sting, another dragon slayer from another guild, that valuing friendships and the guild as a family is more important than being the total best alone. Sting eventually adopts this way of thinking when he ascends the position of guild master to the guild he’s apart of. They had originally been the bad guys but essentially turned good after their encounter with Fairy Tail.

There are the stand out characteristics of Natsu that speak to me the most because well, I love his overwhelming personality and the way he values his friends and how he’s always positive and wants nothing but to bring out the best of those around him. I can somehow relate to him as I try to spread as much positivity as I can whenever I interact with someone. Also, Natsu is best boy for me in Fairy Tail, I mean, that smile is the cutest thing ever!


Who is your favorite pink haired male? What are your favorite traits about them? Or if you’re familiar with Natsu, what do you like or don’t like about him? Let me know in the comments below!

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