[Kids on the Slope]: Episode 12 | All Blues

note: WE’VE REACHED THE END!!!  HUGE thank you to weekendotaku has been helping me a great deal by participating and creating these banners, and thank you to everyone that’s been keeping up with the series! LAST REQUEST! I’LL BE DOING AN OVERALL REVIEW/FINAL THOUGHS OF THE SERIES AND WOULD LOVE FOR THOSE THAT PARTICIAPATED TO PLEASE TELL ME YOUR FAVORITE SCENES FROM THE SERIES SO THAT I MAY INCORPORATE IT INTO MY POST! Looking forward to what you guys submit!

Sentaro’s disappearance has taken a toll on Kaoru and Ri-chan. While the two have expressed their reciprocated feelings they’re left at a standstill. Kaoru says some things he hadn’t meant to say and leaves shortly after graduation without fully clearing the air between him and Ri-chan. A time-skip of 8 years brings us to Kaoru as a doctor in Tokyo where he runs into Yurika by chance who shows him a photo of  a familiar face. Next thing you know Kaoru is up and running towards the person in the photo. Will he find Sen and reconnect? Will they all get a happy ending? 

I can’t believe we’ve reached the end! This episode had me feeling a gamut of emotions, and also saying “omg omg” a lot. I wouldn’t say I was fangirling, but gosh darn…well I’ll get into that later.  Let’s talk about some key moments in this episode.

You’re an Idiot Kaoru



Seriously Kaoru, what were you thinking? Of all the things to say, you really fumbled that one up. Like stated in the synopsis, these two have finally managed to reciprocate their feelings, but the timing is all wrong. They’re both in pain with the loss of Sen in their lives, and it’s pretty clear that it’s hit Kaoru the hardest, and Ri-chan knows this best. So, why, Kaoru, why say something so reckless as “I’m glad he’s gone,” when everyone in the world knows how much pain you’re in. Why does he constantly push away the people that care about him in order for him to preserve himself. For someone that told Sen it was okay to cry, that he wasn’t alone anymore, he’s a hypocrite for bottling up all his emotions when there are so many people out there that care for him. Ah, this scene bothered me to no end.

The Rhythm in My Heart

The times skip was really something. To see Kaoru grown up and turned into a workaholic Doctor at such a young age was really a sight to see. It seems he had just been keeping busy as his way to move from the life that he had lived with Ri-chan and Sen. I honestly thought that was Ri-chan that had come to the hospital, tracking down Kaoru, so I was a bit surprised that it was Yurika and she had indeed gotten a good ending with Jun. It looked like even she heard that Sen had run away shortly after she did. She came baring good news for Kaoru, which sent him off running to track down Sen which had me cheering Kaoru. He says that, he really tried to forget him over the years, but there’s no way he can stop the rhythm in his heart. It’s so poetic, but I’m pretty sure we can all relate to that feeling of excitement of the anticipation of seeing a friend you haven’t seen in ages! I know I feel that way every time I make a trip to see all my friends in LA. You know it’s a truly special friendship when you can react with such strong emotions when you see them. This just reminds me that my BFF and I haven’t seen each other since omg, since Halloween! I think this is the longest time I’ve gone without seeing her or visiting anyone in L.A. So I know I’m bound to have this type of feeling that Kaoru has sooner than later. I have to say that the background track of Kaoru running towards Sen has become my 4th favorite track from the OST – which is named after Yurika:


That Day Has Come

Okay, so maybe I fangirled a bit when they showed Sen on the hill over looking the ocean with the children and Kaoru started to play “Moanin’ ” on the organ. Sen’s smile, and him knowing that Kaoru would have eventually come to find him. Ah, this entire scene, including a new medley of sorts and them taking off and running down the slope after being yelled at by the priest really filled my heart up with all kinds of warm fuzzy feelings. The BFF’s were reunited and picked up right where they left off; they didn’t skip a beat. They played jazz like no time had lapsed, feeding off of one another so naturally. I think at this point the jazz between them is definitely instinct.

Them running down the slope was just such a great scene, especially at the bottom of the slope when they’re reunited with Ri-chan. She’s shocked at first, but she knew it was probably bound to happen. If anything, I think she was just glad to see her two favorite people together again. At this point, I definitely think fate brought the trio back together, and I’m so glad they reunited at the end of this series!

The last jazz song is “All Blues” by Miles Davis


That just about wraps up episode 12! Stay tuned for my final thoughts of the series! 🙂 It’s been a fun enjoyable ride, and I’m glad the watch-along had a good turn out for it’s first run! 🙂

What did you guys think of the last episode?  Don’t forget to let me know what your favorite scene over the course of the series was! Let me know in the comments below! 🙂 


8 thoughts on “[Kids on the Slope]: Episode 12 | All Blues

  1. And so…we have reached the end, and it really was a fantastic end. I loved the way they wrapped up the series.
    I really hated Kaoru in the scene with Ri-Chan. At that point I knew what he was trying to do, and that he was pretty much lying about everything, but still, it made me feel a pretty intense hatred for him. Especially in the way he treated Ri-Chan. I’m glad that feeling went away eventually. The scene where he left with the train, and Ri-Chan appearing at the very end als made me smile. It was a great moment.
    But….the greatest scene of the entire series for me was Kaoru and Sentaro playing in the church. It had me smiling like an idiot all the way throughout the music. It was an amazing ending to what was a great anime that I really enjoyed.
    I want to thank you for bringing this series to everyone’s attention and hosting this watch a long. You did a great job, and I look forward to another one whenever you feel like doing one again 😊

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  2. I love the scenes you chose! When I saw Kaoru force himself on Ri, I waa silently screaming “no, no, no!” It just proves even the best of people can have lapses in judgement.

    I thought the end scene where Ri was running after the train was so touchingly beautiful and a perfect ray is sunshine needed to forgive Kaoru’s behavior

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  3. First of all, thank you Zel for organizing this viewing party! I had such a great time watching Kids on the Slope alongside all of you. Second, you chose my favorite banner out of the ones Weekend created, yay!

    So yes… and just like that it’s over! I’m feeling bittersweet with our viewing party coming to the end. The finale was packed full of scenes meant to stir every emotion (sadness, anger, regret, hope, enlightenment, sheer happiness!) I love that the narrative left us to conclude our own ending. Did Ri and Kaoru rekindle the feelings that somehow never aligned in their youth? Despite being professionals, what sort of mischief did Sen and Karou get up to after the scene ended? I like to think it involved saki, jam sessions, and plenty of new memories being made!

    I can absolutely relate to what you said, Zel, about best friends and reconnecting. Whenever I visit with my best friend (who lives ten hours from me), it is like nothing at all has changed between us. There is always feelings of excitement and such happiness just spending time together, reminiscing about the past.

    As far as favorite scenes… so many to name but I will try my best to limit it. 1. When Kaoru rescues Sen during the festival performance; mostly how afterwards they just break into a run. It is such a carefree moment that sums up the entire series nicely.

    2. Ri singing “My favorite things” in English. It was the most adorable, feel good moment ever. I love the beautiful voice acting that brought this scene to life.

    3. When Jun pulls Yurika onto the train. I cannot adequately describe how beautiful I found this scene. It was the culmination of abandoning everything to chase love and the moment two people (who are seemingly broken) trust in one another enough to grow together.

    Thank you again for organizing this, Zel! If you (or Rastlin) ever decide to host another viewing party, count me in 🙂

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  4. This is a difficult final episode to watch, because it’s not happy. It’s realistic, with strokes of sadness, regret, and some fulfillment, too. But I think it’s the way the series should end, bringing the three back together simply because they meant so much to one another, even if time and culture dictated that they move on with their lives, which would all head in such divergent directions. Watanabe is a genius, and even when a series of his doesn’t end the way I would like to see (ex. Cowboy Bebop, Zankyou no Terror), I have to say, of course, you got it, right.

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    1. I agree, this was a bit more realistic than it was everyone ended up happy. The focus has always been about the trio’s friendship and their bonds; moreso for Sen and Kaoru for sure. I love that they all converged at the possibility of finding Sen on this island. It was great.
      Thanks for commenting! These were great insights! I will most likely reference them in my final thoughts post of this. Thanks for dropping by and participating! If you’d like, you can also include your favorite scene of the series in which will also be included in my wrap-up 🙂

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  5. So my comment (which I definitely wrote, ZEL >_<) is gone somehow so let's see what I remember.

    I loved this episode. It might not have been the best one of the series but it captured everything that made this show so interesting and great to watch. I felt like the characterization was really interesting to watch in the wake of Sen's departure, including Kaoru's incident with Ritsuko. Just to be clear, there was nothing okay about what he did, but his actions make sense to me for his character.

    Without Sen, Kaoru simply didn't know how to connect to those around him. He acted out because he was hurting, and the only way to resolve it in his mind was to tell himself that he was glad Sen was gone so he could finally have what he thought he wanted.

    Of course, Ritsuko must understood this and that goodbye scene was really touching. It's also really telling that Kaoru becomes a doctor so he can busy himself with work and not think about things.

    The last scene was perfect too. Not needing words and saying everything through music, just as they did all throughout. Such a feel good moment, and a really fantastic way to cap off the series, even if we don't know everything that will happen afterward.

    One of my favorite scenes from the series overall was the one on the hospital roof. Zel, you deserve the credit here for unpacking that scene for all of us and really exploring how much it had to offer. Seeing Sen finally let go of everything he'd been bottling up was a real turning point, and as you showed in that post it highlighted so many of the themes the series had been using.

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